Santo Domingo

5 beautiful neighborhoods in Santo Domingo

The city of Santo Domingo is one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean, it stands out for being striking, picturesque, versatile, modern, and cheerful. Many call it the friendliest city in the world, its citizens always smile, are happy, and manage to infect others with their pleasant happiness. Visiting the city of Santo Domingo allows you to do cultural tourism, where in addition to delighting in the joy of its people, you can enrich yourself by visiting places of historical and cultural interest in the First City of America. If you want to visit these neighborhoods, we recommend staying at the  Catalonia Santo Domingo hotel, located on the Malecon.

Beautiful neighborhoods in Santo Domingo

Traveling to the Dominican Republic not only means visiting dream beaches and enjoying a rich tropical climate, but it also allows tourists and visitors to marvel at the city of Santo Domingo, its capital. Santo Domingo, the First City of America, is a city rich in culture and tradition, the neighborhoods of Santo Domingo allow its citizens and visitors to live unique and memorable cultural experiences, from the visit to the Colonial Zone, as well as the enjoyment of an exquisite typical or international food in any restaurant in Santo Domingo.

If you are thinking of visiting the Caribbean, choose Santo Domingo as your destination, it is the Friendliest city in the world according to the Reader’s Choice Awards 2018 from Conde Nast Traveler magazine, there you will live a completely unbeatable experience, you can enjoy a city full of charm of the old world, you will also be able to find picturesque shops, streets made for night walks, beautiful neighborhoods, restaurants, live music, Dominican art and above all live the experience of marveling at the Dominican tradition.

Neighborhoods of Santo Domingo

Among the beautiful neighborhoods in Santo Domingo, we can highlight Chinatown, Santa Barbara, the Colonial Zone, El Malecon, the city of Gazcue, among others.


Chinatown stands out as being an excellent option to learn a little more about Asian culture, its gastronomy, and culture. Ideal to visit it on weekends, especially on Sunday, when early in the morning you can walk, get to know its streets, taste the taste of Chinese food in any of its restaurants, visit oriental businesses, visit the Sunday market and enjoy an unforgettable cultural tour. It was officially founded in 2008, the entrance is very characteristic since it is characterized by having two eastern arches that frame the entrance door to the neighborhood.

The Santa Barbara neighborhood

The Santa Barbara neighborhood is a cultural heritage, curiously it was the quarry, both for materials and human resources, which made the construction of the city of Santo Domingo possible. In the Santa Barbara neighborhood, you can visit monuments dating from the 16th century, palaces from the 20th century, and unique pieces of architecture, such as popular vernacular architecture. The church of Santa Barbara is the quintessential colonial building in the area, it combines an Elizabethan and Baroque Gothic style. When visiting the neighborhood you can also find the Fuerte Santa Barbara, which is located at the highest point of the fortified city. This combination forms the only strong church complex in the city of Santo Domingo.

Colonial Zone

In this article, we also highlight the charm of the Colonial Zone, where you can find restaurants, museums, colonial and pedestrian streets, the Alcázar de Colón, which is one of the most popular museums in the colonial city. The Cathedral of Santo Domingo, which was the first church built in the new world, and the Baluarte Del Conde, located right in the old part of the area, is a group of buildings made up of Parque Independencia, Fuerte de la Concepción, and the Altar de la Patria. Colon Park is another place that you must visit when going to the Colonial Zone, as well as the Fortaleza Ozama, the streets, and colonial houses in the area.

Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo


Gazcue is one of the oldest sectors of the city, it is also a neighborhood that tells its history since it was there where the city of Santo Domingo began to develop. The urbanization of the area began at the beginning of the 20th century. This sector is known as the architectural heritage of the city of Santo Domingo.

The Malecon of Santo Domingo

The Malecon of Santo Domingo continues to be a tourist attraction for all visitors, whether you are visiting the island for the first time, or you are simply one of those lovers and repeat visitors who do not let a year go by without flying to the Dominican Republic, the experience of visiting the boardwalk. There you can enjoy a fascinating atmosphere. The Santo Domingo boardwalk is a must-see destination and marked a place to visit in Santo Domingo.

As in all the neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, its people stand out for their kindness and excellent customer service. What are you waiting for to visit this land of friendly and helpful people? Santo Domingo awaits you with joy so that you can enjoy live music, a rich culture, the unrepeatable and unique Dominican tradition, while you get to know its neighborhoods, restaurants, and its incredible people. Santo Domingo is history, culture, tradition, joy, and charm.

Without a doubt, the sectors and neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, its restaurants, Dominican art, and the city of Santo Domingo Este have a lot to tell, plan your trip to the island and enjoy the adventure of being able to discover its history, live the experience and let yourself be enveloped by the Dominican culture and tradition in its maximum splendor. Plan your trip to Santo Domingo now!