The Best Tips for your Caribbean Wedding

From the bride in a middle of a nervous breakdown before the wedding, till the surprising proposal in a helicopter.

Today we are going to tell you some of the best tales from Catalonia Hotels & Resorts Wedding Planners in the Dominican Republic, with the only purpose of preparing you to say the big yes to your Caribbean Wedding

Many already know about the beautiful weddings we plan in our Resorts in Punta Cana and Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic, but only a few know the persons behind them and how they make your dreams come true.


Fulfilling the expectations of a bride isn’t an easy task, and therefore, our experts assume each one of the challenges that involve a Caribbean Wedding.


Meeting our Wedding Planners

Is important for you to take the time to meet them and develop a relationship of trust and proximity, to know that you are in very good hands and most of all to feel safe knowing that our main objective is to please you.

We spoke with Evelyn Reyes and Bianca Rincon, our Wedding Planners in the Dominican Republic, they gave us a couple of tips for you and told us some curious and funny tales.

What does mean to you being a Wedding Planner at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts?

Evelyn Reyes: “It means being the creator of memories and dreams, understand ideas and make them true. I believe that we are not only event planners, we are a psychologist, decorator, friend and also a tailor. Is like being an all inclusive person for weddings”.

Bianca Rincón: “For me is passion and a way of living, is one of those things in life where you must feel a real and genuine passion because if you don’t it’s easy to quit”.


What is the most curious thing a bride had asked you for?

Evelyn: “One time a bride asked me to use a Hindu dress for her wedding. It may seem like a normal event because many couples come from abroad to get married, but personally, I’ve never been asked before for a specific outfit for the ceremony. It was an interesting culture experience, from which I learned a lot”.

Which one is your best memory as a wedding planner?

Bianca: “In one occasion, an Italian woman wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a wedding. It was so romantic, finally, when the boyfriend saw his future wife walking down the aisle, he started crying”

Evelyn: I’ve always been inspired by couples that no matter how much time have passed, they keep loving each other, like the first time they met. The grandchildren of a couple that have been married for over 40 years, decided to plan a votes renovation for them. Everything was a surprise so it has to be perfect., they agreed to meet in one of our gazebos. When the adorable couple arrived, they started crying of all the emotions and the ceremony was really beautiful”

They agreed to meet in one of our gazebos. When the adorable couple arrived, they started crying because it was a sweet surprise, full of emotions, the ceremony was really beautiful”





Which wedding has been the most challenging for you and why?

Evelyn: “Once a bride didn’t want to come out from the room because she suddenly had a nervous breakdown. The judge and all guests were already waiting for her and we had to make a decision of rescheduling the wedding for the afternoon”.

What are you passionate about your work?

Bianca & Evelyn: “What makes us feel the most passionate is the feeling of knowing that we have made possible unforgettable moments, not only for the bride and groom, also for the guests.

Which have been the most original wedding proposal you have heard?

Evelyn: “A few years back I had the pleasure of watching a very original wedding proposal, there was a family reunion and suddenly the future groom arrived in a helicopter. I loved to see how all the guests lined up to form with balloons the sentence “would you marry me?” it was such a big surprise for the lucky fiance and of course it was an absolute: YES!”

What is the most difficult challenge of being a Wedding Planner?

Bianca & Evelyn: “One of the facts that every Wedding Planner must have pretty clear is to know how to act fast and in time, unforeseen events always happen and it’s important to keep your emotions under control. It’s vital to know how to fix the situations. At the end of the day, what matters is to make the bride and the groom feel happy with the results”


5 tips from our Wedding Planners for your Caribbean wedding

  1.  If you have never traveled to the Caribbean before, is a good idea to make an inspection trip to the property. This way you’ll know all the Resort areas, get familiar with distances and the most important thing, you’ll visit the areas we have available for your wedding. If you are thinking of traveling to Punta Cana to celebrate your wedding, have a look at what we told about tips for first visiting Punta Cana
  2.  Make your stay as comfortable as possible. We recommend you to choose all you want for the wedding before coming to the Resort. Thanks to our personalized service, the Wedding Planner will take care of everything so you don’t need to worry at all.
  3.  Choose a schedule before 5:00 pm for the ceremony. This is due illumination issues, just in case the couple decides to get marry at the beach area, the idea is to take advantage of the afternoon sunlight. It will also be a great light for photographs.
  4.  Just in case if necessary to postpone at the last minute. We recommend you saving the wedding date for at least 2 days before the check-out or at the beginning of your stay in the hotel.
  5.  Be sure you bring the dress pressed and hanged in your hand (not in the suitcase). This is to avoid any risk of losing your suitcase at the airport.


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