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Bleisure travel: What it is and why it is important

Travel is a fun activity that takes you out of your busy schedule to explore and experience new things. There are various reasons why you could travel, and leisure is one of the first reasons. However, there are other reasons for travel and, bleisure, is one of them, so what is bleisure travel? We will explain the meaning of this term in the next lines.

People working while having leisure time

What is bleisure travel: the definition

Bridging the divide between work and life is one way of creating a work-life balance, and bleisure sums that up. Bleisure travel combines both business and travel, and the change is good for those who cannot find a work-life balance. Of course, it must not be confused with workcation. The new model of travel is also a fun way for companies to socialize and build team spirit if they are traveling in a group.

Characteristics of a bleisure traveler

Travelers have unique characteristics depending on their reason for travel. A bleisure traveler is a different breed because they look for specific needs to cater to their particular needs. They are very picky, which makes them a great target for the hospitality industry.

Bleisure travelers are willing to spend more money for quality service. It is a norm for businessmen to want the best because they are paying top dollar for services. At times, companies foot the bill for the bleisure traveler, and that’s why they demand quality services so that they might utilize company resources to the fullest.

Bleisure travelers are frequent travelers because they visit a destination multiple times so that they strengthen business relationships. Companies with branches worldwide are also more likely to have bleisure travelers.

Bleisure travelers are people who enjoy getting discounts on the road. They might be on the company dime for business travels, but they have to use their own money for personal forays.

Bleisure travelers have a single home base but travel for work. They don’t normally sleep at home because their work commitments don’t keep them in one place at a time.

What a bleisure traveler looks for

Bleisure travelers look for other things to add to their trip. They travel to a destination for leisure, but they also must know what’s out there apart from their business trip. They do a lot of research to determine sightseeing locations, restaurants, and beaches.

Bleisure Time

Bleisure travelers look for safe and entertaining locations because they would prefer to do lots of activities while on a business trip. During those activities, it would be prudent to be safe since they could be in possession of valuable company property.

Before the trip, they also look for an easy-to-navigate city, which means access to buses, railway stations and car rentals.

Business travels are occasioned with limited budgets which means travelers look for affordable activities. These travelers look for cheaper accommodation, restaurants and activities that they could do.

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There you go, you are now familiar with bleisure travel. This piece will give you an idea of what is bleisure travel and what bleisure travelers look for. Once you know what you need for your bleisure travel, don’t hesitate to look for other activities you might do when you get there.