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Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has a presence in great areas of the Caribbean as Punta Cana and Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic, as well in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts also counts with more than 50 hotels in major European cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, and Berlin.

One of the greatest strengths that the hotel company has is the dedication and the excellent service provided by its staff, making guests feel at home and achieving a high number of frequent customers who continually return and even visit the different destinations that the company offers.

For Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, constant communication with clients it’s a key to success and is the reason why social networks have formed an essential part in the development of the brand within the hospitality industry, reaching substantial levels of interaction.

Campaign: HOW TO…

Goal: The campaign was designed to be grateful for the preference of the customers, but also to satisfy their curiosity about the lovely figure towels made by the room maids for the guest rooms. These funny and tender details in the towels shaped like teddy bears, swans, dinosaurs, dolls, fish and many others, demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of our staff.

By request of many followers of the social networks of Catalonia Hotels and Resorts and taking into consideration that the clients love this unique and original detail in the towels, it was decided to realize a series of DIY videos to learn how to make these figures, being the room maids the leading artists of these videos.

Six videos were included in the campaign and were published in the different accounts of Facebook from the Resorts of the Caribbean, both in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic and it’s necessary to emphasize that quickly they became viral, reaching significantly high levels of engagement. In a short period of time and without any type of advertising, it managed to attract the attention of general facebook fans.

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts seeks that every guest live a unique experience with high quality and unparalleled service. The treatment granted by the staff is based on taking care of every little detail, ensuring that all clients remain satisfied and becoming loyal to the brand.



Catalonia Royal Bavaro | Dominican Republic


How to make a Swan Towel?  March 1st, 2016

  • 5,440,001 People Reached
  • 2,542,527 Video Views
  • 251,738 Reactions, Comments & Shares


Catalonia Riviera Maya | Mexico


How to make a dinosaur towel?  February 12th, 2016

  • 4,143,089 People Reached
  • 1,971,721 Video Views
  • 199,462 Reactions, Comments & Shares


Overall, “How To” campaign had total results of 10,820,861 People Reached, 4,928,963 Video Views and 486,032 Reactions, Comments, & Shares.



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