how are hotels classified

How are hotels rated and classified?

When you look at a hotel’s star rating, it will tell you something about what it’s like. The classification of hotels according to stars makes it simpler for you to tell what you can expect from it, whether you’re travelling on business or for a holiday. You can expect hotels to have between one and five stars.
But what is star rating, and how do hotels get stars? In other words, what determines whether a hotel gets 1 star, 5 stars or a rating in between?

Who set the star rating for hotels

3 star hotel

This varies according to the country you’re in, so the question “How many stars can a hotel have?” may have different answers – though the top level is commonly 5 stars. In Spain, for example, each Autonomous Community controls the star ratings in its own area. It’s useful to bear this in mind for hotel star ratings lookup websites. Even so, the number of stars will give you a pretty good idea. Here’s a run-down of hotel star rating requirements.

1 star hotel requirements

You can expect a 1 star hotel to have rooms that are at least 7 square metres for a single room and 12 square metres for a double. The bathroom may not be large, perhaps as small as 3 square metres. A 1 star hotel also needs to be heated and to have a lift.

2 star hotel requirements

These hotels’ rooms are a little bigger, no less than 14 square metres for a double bedroom – though singles can still be just 7 – and 3.5 square metres for the bathroom. A 2 star hotel will also have a phone in every room.

3 star hotel requirements

You’ll probably notice a significant jump in standards when you reach 3 star level. Single rooms must be at least 8 square metres, while the minimum for doubles is 15 square metres. The bathroom must also be 4 square metres in size. A 3 star hotel should also have air conditioning in public areas.

4 star hotel requirements


By the time you reach 4 star level, a hotel will have very comfortable rooms of excellent quality. The minimum sizes for single and double rooms are 9 and 16 square metres respectively. 4 star hotels must have air conditioned bedrooms with minibars. You’ll also expect to find other touches of luxury that go beyond the bare minimums already mentioned.

5 star hotel requirements

The 5 star rating is not easy to get, and a 5 star hotel will need to have outstanding levels of service and luxury. In many ways, it’s the small details and extra touches that distinguish these hotels from their 4 star rivals, though there are also extra requirements. Single rooms have to be 10 square metres or larger, while the minimum for double rooms is 17 square metres. The bathroom must be a minimum of 5 square metres.

5 star hotels have to be impressive from the very first moment a customer experiences them, to stand out from their rivals. Unsurprisingly, these extremely high standards also mean that you’ll pay more for a 5 star hotel than for any other type.


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