Items left in hotel rooms

Most common items left in hotel rooms

When people go on a trip, they only think about enjoying themselves and having a good time, so it’s not surprising that travelers forget some of their belongings from time to time.

Although the list could be extremely long, Catalonia Hotels has compiled a list of the most common items that users left behind in their rooms.

Most common items left behind

Mobile phones

As much as cell phones are a very important entity in people’s lives, they are weirdly the most forgotten. It will be easier to set an alarm of the departure time on your phone that will ensure you won’t leave it behind.


These documents are often left at the hotel safe where guests prefer its safety. Arriving a couple of hours earlier to the airports will give you enough time to go fetch them back if you had left them.



Always check around the room and closets before you leave. Keeping your clothes neatly folded and organized will make it easier to check if you have not packed any of your stuff.

Underwear and beachwear

We often leave our hotel room in a hurry and forget some of our belongings. Therefore, we should always check that we have everything we were carrying the first day we entered our accommodation.

The underclothes are most forgotten at the cloak rooms. One of the reasons why we leave behind items such as underwear is, for example, because we leave them drying on a chair or similar. Before you leave, check the washrooms and hangers.

Toys and tablets

Kids often forget their playing materials in their rooms. Ask your kids about them when packing. Manage and store the materials for them


They are the most forgotten items in hotel rooms due to their small sizes. Try to leave a spare at a friend’s place or workplace.



Nowadays, we can’t live without smartphones. That’s why we move with them everywhere, and consequently, if we go on a trip we take their charger with us.

Every time you finish charging and you unplug your phone, remove the charger and pack it immediately. This way, we will not forget it in the room.


Bangles, necklaces and rings are most forgotten at bathtubs, sinks and on the tables. Make a quick search before you leave. Remove the ornaments before you go for a shower and pack them.


In no situation is haste a good companion. Wherever we travel, we always travel with our wallet. In it we will keep our identity card, money and other belongings.

Most of the time they are left on the bedside table or in the hotel safe. It is best to keep your wallet inside your purse.


As incredible as it may sound, these are rarely left behind since they are big but some people do. Always place them where you can see before leaving.

What to do when you forget something at the hotel

Guests should inform the hotel staff as soon as they realize that their items have been left behind. As a guest, you have to describe the items in as much detail as possible and provide your phone number and address and Catalonia Hotels will be responsible for delivering them to you.

What to do to avoid forgetting personal items

It’s important to make a checklist of everything you are taking with you. Keep the list in your suitcase or save it on your phone. Check off each item as you pack.

On the other hand, it is important to avoid emergencies. For this, it is a good idea to leave your suitcase packed the night before and only leave out the charger, wallet and little else.

Although you already know, check the checklist that we have recommended so as not to forget any personal item.