Promotional Video – Catalonia Hotels & Resorts


To talk about the qualities of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is easy for the thousands of guests who visit frequently or for the first time any of our strategically located resorts in the Riviera Maya of Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

Guests who decide to live their vacation experience with us enjoy from their arrival to check out, the warmth of the service of our staff, the gastronomic variety of our specialty restaurants, the comfort of our beautiful rooms and of course, the privileged and strategic location of our facilities.

But without the valuable opinion of our guests, how could we convince travelers to consider Catalonia Hotels & Resorts as the ideal option to exceed their holiday expectations? How to communicate what distinguishes us, without having to fall into presumption, with objectivity and reaching every tourist who is looking for a vacation option in the Caribbean? The answer was not difficult: let’s show the world what we live every day in our resorts from all perspectives and how to truly enjoy the Catalonia Experience.

Our maximum strength is what we call “The Catalonia Family”, which is composed of the governing body, territorial managers, and a solid creative and communication team; also taking into account the opinion of our guests and of course, our collaborators. We all work together with an audiovisual production company which helps us translate into images the magic of staying with us.

The initial aim would be to show the world the general experience of visiting our resorts and all its areas, such as restaurants, the spa, bars, rooms and of course to highlight the beauty of the beaches and the unique nature of our destinations; in other words, what any hotel of this category could boast. However, the eye of the creative team found differentiators that make Catalonia Hotels & Resorts an option that stands out from others. For example, the warm, natural and fluid treatment that the guests receive from the staff, although there is a firm philosophy of customer service meeting the highest quality standards, they are not rigid or mechanical. In Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we promote a work culture in which the staff feels cared for and satisfied with their work, which distinguishes us as a great place to work and that shows in a service of excellence.

Our hotels harmonize with the nature of the destinations; they do not separate it, but coexist with it, always seeking to make improvements to the facilities with the least possible environmental impact. This results in a pleasant experience in which guests enjoy a unique and respectful interaction with the flora and fauna of the place.

In general, the result was a set of beautiful videos with the goal of making an impact in everyone who sees them, regardless of age or nationality, and being able to say at the end: “I want to be there”, “I experienced that” “I want that for me and my family”. These videos, which in addition to being presented in different tourist fairs and being in constant rotation through our different channels of communication such as social networks and our most recent launch: Catalonia Channel, represent in a few minutes the complete experience of vacationing with us.

As part of our branding and communication strategy, we began broadcasting in digital media reaching 2,109,819 people and 1,186,554 video views through our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram from February to June this year.



This series of videos are the result of several hours of intense work by all members of The Catalonia Family in the resorts of Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and the producer who knew how to listen to our needs but also lived closely the Catalonia Experience. Everyone knows that an image says more than a thousand words, and in this case, thousands of images communicate more than one emotion and make more than a thousand smiles.

This year Catalonia Hotels & Resorts won 7 Magellan Awards. Check them out!