Some words in Spanish you should learn before you visit Catalonia Hotels & Resorts

Do you worry when you visit a country where a different language is spoken? Don’t worry anymore!

In Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, we love to treat you as queens and kings. We empower our collaborators to learn other languages, so they can make you feel like home when you visit us!

There are some Spanish words that we would like to teach you for your next visit! Let us take you through a fun talk with our employees in Spanish!

Spanish words
¡Hola Amigo!


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”                      

Nelson Mandela



You will love these Spanish words!

We give you an example of how you could use these Spanish words and sentences for a better communication and have fun while you learn.

¡Hola! is the same that Hello! When you say Hola to our staff they’ll immediately smile because they know that you wanna learn and speak Spanish with them. This can help us give you the best stay in the world.


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Our guys!


Here are some useful and funny Spanish words for you…

¡Hola! = Hello!

¡Qué onda! = What’s up!

¡Por favor! = Please!

¡Gracias! = Thank you!

Uno más = One more

Dos más = Two more

Uno para mi = One for me

Una para ella = One for her

Muy caliente = Very hot

Muy frío = Very cold

Muy picante = Very spicy

Muy rico = Very Yummy

Muy bueno = Very good

Mesa por favor = Table, please

Me caes muy bien = I like you

Te veo luego = See you later

Adiós = Goodbye


Tell what you feel!


There’s nothing bad in learning another language and as you can see is very easy to have a great stay while you speak Spanish with us!

Don’t forget to ask our staff to teach you more Spanish words and sentences for a great and funny talk in our Resorts. There’s nothing like speaking with someone in his natal language, and that’s why you need to know all these words!

Here is some info you’ll find useful too.