Top 5 places to visit in the Dominican Republic

Our Resorts in the Dominican Republic are located in the eastern region of the island, full of historical, colonial and spectacular attractions.

When you visit the Dominican Republic and stay at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, the experience is so great that you will not want to leave the Resort, there are so many beautiful places you can´t miss.

Take a quick look at these 5 places that you don’t wanna miss on your next visit.

catalonia hotels, dominican republic, travel1. Santo Domingo

It’s the capital city and the most populous city of the Island. Known for hosting the first European settlement in America.

Marvel with the colonial area and museums, visit Parque de la Independencia, ideal for relaxing walks. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes where you can enjoy art exhibitions and cultural events.

Finally, we recommend paying a visit to El Parque Mirador Sur, where cyclists, joggers, and skaters gather during the day. In this place, you can find numerous limestone caves that are worth the visit.

Santo Domingo is 200 kilometers from Catalonia Royal Bavaro & Catalonia Bavaro Beach and 147 kilometers from Catalonia Gran Dominicus.

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2. Saona Island & Catalina Island

Both islands are part of the Province of La Romana and Parque Nacional del Este. The Saona Island is one of the largest in the Dominican Republic.

They’re a great tourist attraction for its beautiful beaches and an ideal place for diving and snorkeling, as they are full of wonderful reefs, corals, and marine life.

3. Fun Fun Cave

catalonia hotels, dominican republic, travelFor adventure and ecotourism lovers, we recommend the Fun Fun Cave, one of the biggest caverns in the world, located in Hato Mayor province.

Discover incredible underground rivers and admire the beauty of its stalactites and stalagmites.

If you love adventure and the underground world, this is the place for you.

Fun Fun Cave is located 164 kilometers from Catalonia Royal Bavaro & Catalonia Bavaro Beach and 137 kilometers from Catalonia Gran Dominicus.

4. Cave of Wonders

catalonia hotels, dominican republic, travelAnother option for the adventurous is Cave of Wonders, a magnificent natural museum of cave art, located between the Soco and Cumayasa rivers, decorated with hundreds of Taino Indian cave paintings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique and representative place of the Taino mythology origins.

The Cave of Wonders is located 109 kilometers from Catalonia Royal Bavaro & Catalonia Bavaro Beach and 47 kilometers from Catalonia Gran Dominicus.


5. Juanillo Beach

catalonia hotels, dominican republic, travelThis paradisiacal area with beautiful beaches is perfect for total relaxation and rest. Enjoy good Caribbean vibes, surrounded by palm trees with a stunning view.

Juanillo Beach is located 24 kilometers from Catalonia Royal Bavaro & Catalonia Bavaro Beach and 78 kilometers from Catalonia Gran Dominicus.

EXTRA: A few days ago Coco Bongo nightclub opened its doors and is located just 10 minutes away from Catalonia Royal Bavaro and Catalonia Bavaro Beach, at Downtown Punta Cana Mall. Enjoy the best party accompanied by acrobatic shows and imitators artists.

As you can see, Dominican Republic is full of beautiful and interesting places around the island. It’s a destination worth exploring while you stay at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.

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