Things to do in Zaragoza

Top things to do in Zaragoza

Top things to do in Zaragoza have an endless list. You should visit Zaragoza in summer or spring when the weather is warm. It is an excellent destination with lots of fun activities to engage in. The city is the home of fascinating Islamic architecture and beautiful sights that will make your stay one of a kind. Plan a short visit or visit and discover what to see in Zaragoza in one day. Visiting a new place is an unmatched experience. These are some of the things you should include in your plans.

Monuments to visit

Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar is the city’s most fascinating landmark. It is a historical and religious site along the river Ebro’s banks and is a breathtaking sight. What to do and what to see in Zaragoza should include a detour to Palacio de la Aljaferia. It is an Islamic palace and the best Hispano-Muslim architecture example. It’s one of the best tourist stops because of the rich history and the elegant and unique Arabic intricate carvings and arches. You can also experience the largest freshwater aquarium in the whole of Europe in Fluvial Aquarium. It has over five thousand animals in 350 different species.

El Pilar


There are many museums in the city; they may be included in your original plans in Zaragoza. Caesaraugusta Forum Museum has the history of the old Roman city that used to be where Zaragoza is now. It also includes the Theatre museum that has the ruins of the theatre that was excavated in 1972. A visit here will be informative and fun, and you will experience more than one museum. Goya Museum is also a worthy stop to experience the works of Spain’s famous artists. It has a display of fifteen famous paintings. Pablo Serrano Museum should also make your list of places to visit.

Charming streets

What to do in Zaragoza today includes a simple walk in the charming streets of the city. Sometimes these walks are how you discover secret places Zaragoza is hiding. El Tubo is one of the streets you have to see. There are many cafés along the way, beautiful structures, and graffiti art that will amaze you. You get to experience life as one of the locals while walking these streets. You might find places you like and things that you would never have discovered otherwise. Alfonso Street is also famous and charming, and it’s the route to Plaza del Pilar.

Where to eat

Bravo café, Casa Unai, Baobab restaurant, and Tasca la Ultramarina are among the best places you can grab a bite. The city has the best restaurants and accommodations because it’s a big tourist attraction. Tubo Street is also one of the most lively streets to have a drink or eat. The city is very rich in eateries; they have local and international foods set to blow your mind. You can try different dishes from multiple tapas and exotic restaurants in Zaragoza.

Eat in Zaragoza

Excursions from Zaragoza to near places

Zaragoza excursions can lead you to the best places and sites during your tour. Huesca is a city about 74km north of Zaragoza. You can take a day tour and see the outstanding architecture like the Gothic Cathedral. There is also a small town called Tarazona, which is one hour from the city. It has many unique sites because it’s located near Moncayo Mountain. It is so close that you can visit in a day and be back in the city. These excursions should be in your Zaragoza plans.

Where to stay in Zaragoza

If you wondered where to stay in Zaragoza, Catalonia el Pilar is one of the best places. The location of the hotel couldn’t be better; it’s situated in the historic center. They have the best services, including a fitness gym and Wi-Fi throughout your stay there. The hotel on its own is considered a historic attraction. Where you choose to stay can enhance your vacation or ruin it. The hotel is one of the places that will make your visit exceptional.
Make Zaragoza your next destination and experience one of the majestic and historic cities in the world. The activities mentioned above are just some of the many places and things to do there. Traveling is the best way to de-stress by distancing yourself from daily stressors and focusing on other things. Going to Zaragoza will be the best decision you ever made.