Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism

Tourism has created lots of avenues for people to visit places for purposes such as leisure and education. However, visitors also have medical reasons to visit a place to acquire medical solutions. Read on to learn more about medical tourism.

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What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is traveling to another country for purposes of seeking medical attention. There are medical options worldwide which might be lacking in your country of residence.
Medical innovations are also made by scientists that may not be homegrown, so you might need to travel to get that life-changing trial.

What are the main reasons for medical tourism?

Reasons for seeking medical care could vary depending on the situation. Here are the two main reasons for traveling abroad for medical reasons.


Medical care is expensive in most countries, not to mention other countries have solid insurance programs which cover every treatment program available up to recovery.
Also, medical expenses keep soaring every year because of population growth and the dwindling resources that are supposed to take care of the growing population.
Medical budgets may vary depending on the procedures. The procedure could be present in your country but cheaper by triple the expense from a different country. To avoid creating a hole in your budget, it would be prudent to visit elsewhere for cheaper alternatives.


Saving on a budget is one reason, but another major factor is the standard of medicine available in your country. Medical care has a certain standard to live up to, and if you are not receiving that in your home country, it is better to pack your bags and travel elsewhere for medical care.
Certain diseases need the best care, and at times, medication may not be available in your country. Medical standards encompass every aspect, from the doctor, consultation, medication, and apparatus.
If you feel that your local hospitals lack in providing such amenities, it is best to try medical tourism and try your luck there.

Medical Tourism in Spain

Spain is an emerging hub in medical tourism because of the advanced facilities, affordable procedures, and experienced doctors.
Patients traveling to Spain can expect 70% reduction in medical expenses in common surgeries such as hip and knee replacement. The available affordable surgeries are an indication that Spain takes care of its elderly population.

Medical tourism is not the only modality of tourism that exists. In our blog we already explained what responsible tourism means.

Hotels near clinica teknon in Barcelona

Teknon Medical Centre is one of the leading hospitals in the private sector and one of the best-managed clinics in the country and it is located in Barcelona. If you are going on medical tourism and are wondering where to stay in Barcelona, we have some advice on hotels in Barcelona near Clinica Teknon.
Catalonia Castellnou is a 3-star hotel which is located in the Sarriá-Sant Gervasi district, near the Tres Torres neighborhood in the upscale parts of Barcelona. It is close to the medical facilities in Barcelona such as the Corachán Clinic, the Teknon Medical Center, the Planas Clinic and it’s a ten-minute walk from Avinguda Diagonal.

Catalonia Castellnou Double Room

Also, it is 10 minutes on foot from Avinguda Diagonal.
Catalonia Mikado is located near Passeig de la Bonanova. It is an excellent place to stay after treatment in the nearby clinics. It is also a five-minute walk from the Teknon clinic.
It is close to medical centers such as IMO, Institut Català de la Retina (ICR) or the Official College of Physicians and university centers such as Sarrià Chemical Institute and the International University of Catalonia. There are also plenty of amenities which you could use to relax and recover from your medical procedure.

Catalonia Mikado Premium Double Room

Medical tourism is a great reason to travel to another country. Spain is one of the countries that have the best hotels and hospitals for medical tourists. You could use that opportunity to recover in a serene environment and get back on the road to full recovery as you enjoy great cuisines.