Sustainable Catalonia

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts consolidates sustainable practices.

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts announces the replacement of plastic products.

  • The properties in Mexico of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts promote fair trade with socially responsible suppliers.
  • Our mission is to reduce the impact of the ecological footprint in the Riviera Maya with long-term sustainable practices.

Sustainable Catalonia

In Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we are aware of the huge problem of contamination that plastic waste means for the nature and commitment to implement sustainable best practices in our daily operation, this year we consolidate our Policy of Sustainable Purchases with the objective of eliminating the use of disposable plastics in the three resorts of the Riviera Maya.

So far this year we have replaced the use of common disposable plastics by those that are manufactured with biodegradable material, a friendly solution that facilitates the recycling or degradation of these products that are completely deteriorated by living organisms (microorganisms and fungi) that they transform into natural chemical elements, reintegrating themselves into the natural cycle of carbon that has sustained the natural richness in flora and fauna of the Riviera Maya for millions of years

With this replacement, we want to sensitize collaborators and guests about the serious ecological impact that the daily use of disposable plastics represents in our lives and encourage the discard of using these plastics or acquire the habit of biodegradable articles in order to leave a more responsible with the nature of our paradise, the Mexican Caribbean.

The implementation of these sustainable practices is established in the Ecocat Guide (our program of social and ecological responsibility) a corporate-level document on sustainable purchases:

Sustainable purchasing policy

  • o Local purchases. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has a local purchasing policy that gives preference to local and national products that are obtained less than 750 km from the hotel’s location, on international products. In addition, hotel souvenir shops have local products for sale.
  • o Fairtrade products. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts aims to acquire Fair Trade products, as long as they are available, thus ensuring that the food products used have been cultivated and processed under fair working conditions and wages for the workers.
  • o Organic and labeled products. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts aims to acquire food products from organic/organic production methods and offer them on their menus. Likewise, it also has the objective of labeling food products indicating their characteristics and origin. Not only the organic conditions of the food products are reviewed, but also the purchases of toilet products are reviewed, looking for articles that contain ingredients and compounds as ecologically as possible.
  • o Sustainable and vegetarian menu. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts aims to offer seasonal food products of local origin for each meal in the menu of its restaurants. It also aims to offer an alternative vegetarian menu in each of its restaurants.
  • or Buy wholesale. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts minimize the generation of waste through a wholesale purchasing policy.
  • o Disposable beverage containers. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts does not offer disposable drink containers such as cans and plastic bottles.
  • o Biodegradable disposable products. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts acquires disposable products that are biodegradable, such as glasses, plates, and cutlery among others.
  • o Durable goods. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has the objective that at least 30% of any category of durable goods (such as bedding, towels, linens, personal computers, laptops, televisions, mattresses, furniture, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, coatings floors, bulbs) of their establishments possess some certification or ecological label. In relation to furniture and floors/carpets, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, also seeks that as far as possible, these have been obtained sustainably from recycled and recovered materials.
  • o Mattresses and bedding. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts acquires mattresses and bedding appropriate to the local climate of each of its establishments.
  • o Ecological Paper. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has the objective that at least 80% of the paper used in their establishments (toilet paper, handkerchiefs, office paper, etc.) possesses some certification or ecological label.
  • o Sustainable wood. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts aims to use only certified wood with a guarantee of sustainable origin, for its furniture or for any installation and/or action where this material is required.

For the past three years, we have been working on consolidating our policy of sustainable practices and today it is a reality that is working successfully thanks to the fact that we have all dimensioned the value of respecting and following the guidelines it sets, as stated by Paloma Serna,  Purchases Chief:

“All printed stationery is FSC certified (®Forest Stewardship Council); Disposables are biodegradable and many of the products that are available in stores are from local companies or that support people from indigenous communities or groups of single mothers, older adults. We seek commercial alliances with manufacturers of sustainable products and also forge synergies with socially responsible companies.”

Sustainable Catalonia

The list of sustainable products is perfectly defined and cataloged for each of our resorts in the Riviera Maya, which has been evaluated by our internal quality department. For this process, suppliers that complied with the necessary standards in their products:

Finally, everything in the EcoCat Program converges with our corporate initiative that executes various sustainable practices for the care of the environment and the social development of the community that integrates it (employees and employees). The success of the implementation of these sustainable practices has granted several awards and international certifications in sustainability matters that position us as one of the best international hotel chains with a great sense of ecological responsibility worldwide.

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts – Eco Friendly from Catalonia Caribe on Vimeo.

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