We have a unique world and by that we have to care it.

What are sustainable hotels?

We have a unique world and by that we have to care it. Our world is fantastic, they provide us food, care us from the UV and sun radiation. Also, we enjoy a fantastic time in the environment. For that reason, it is important to practise responsible tourism.


If we don’t take some environmental policy to take care of world, maybe in the future, the next generations, they won’t enjoy this beautiful paradise we have now. So, by that is very important that in the moment you search or find a hotel to enjoy your next vacation, stop and think: This hotel have environmental policy? This hotel care the environment?…. And when you have these answers, then you can booking your fabulous vacation.

Maybe you are thinking now “What is a sustainable hotel?”

Well, is a hotel that worries about the environment, have real ambience policy, and development educa-tional programs to motive employees and guest to think in the sustainable tourism.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

According to the World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism is “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental im-pact, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”

Sustainable tourism can involve transportation, accommodation, entertainment, re-creation, food and shopping. It can be related not only to the tourism traveler, also involved business travel and all interactions of travelers with the environment.

How to choose a sustainable hotel?

When looking for a sustainable hotel it is important to take into account some points that help you determine if that hotel has an environmental policy such as:

-Verify your website and social networks to determine if you have information about your environmental policy.

-Check if on TripAdvisor you have the “GreenLeaders” badge. The higher the level of the badge, the better ecological practices.

-Finally, if you already decide to stay at that hotel, read our note: how to book a hotel online.

Environmentally friendly hotels.

The environmentalism is more than save energy, it is about making sure that the interaction of tourism with the environment is favorable for both. And that is why Catalonia Bayahibe has the recognition of “GreenLeader” Platinum Level by implement:

-Energy efficient light bulbs.
-Toiletries produced locally.
-Control the use of energy.
-Bedding reuse program.
-Air conditioning temperature set to save energy.
And more…

Follow this link to discover the location of our sustainability hotels.

Eco Cat Program

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is aware of the impact of the hotel operations to the en-vironment and by that, we changed the ambience policy to make us in a sustainable destination.

In the last five years as part of our environmental policy, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts in conjunction with FUNDEMAR, a foundation dedicated to the protection of the seabed, has carried out in the Caribbean the project “Vivero Coralino” with which it is expected to recover the corals of the Bayahíbe area.

To date, the coral nursery has contributed more than 1,500 meters of live coral, being one of the nurseries with the most reproduction in the area. Also, to encourage guests to visit and raise awareness of the importance of protecting the seabed, Catalonia Gran Dominicus has created the Underwater Museum. In this museum, statues that represent the daily life of the Dominican as the ‘dancer’ and the ‘shoes-hine boy’ have been immersed.

We invite you to enjoy a great vacation while you’re caring the environment!