‘Distintivo S ‘ recognizes Catalonia’s leadership in sustainability

SECTUR gives Catalonia their highest distinction

  • The Quality Program Distintivo S is a certification for best sustainable practices in the development of tourism projects. 
  • Also support the commitment of tourism companies operating in Mexico under the global criteria of sustainability.

In March of this year, the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Quintana Roo gave to Catalonia Hotels & Resorts the Distintivo S Guarantee of Sustainability, recognition of the commitment and professionalism of all those who collaborate in this company in the facilities of the Cancun International Convention Center.


Catalonia receives Distintivo S for the third tim

The goal objective of the implementation of this program  is to take advantage of the tourist potential of Mexico to generate greater economic benefits in the country.

In Mexico the tourism represents the possibility of creating new jobs, increasing markets that preserve natural and cultural heritage, that is why is essential to consolidate the model of sustainable tourism development, which makes the growth of tourism compatible, through conservation and the improvement of natural as well as cultural resources.

It is important to mention that Distintivo S endorses the certifications issued by EarthCheck and Rainforest Alliance, internationally recognized companies that promote the best sustainable practices, aligned to the global sustainability criteria and which are promoted by the World Tourism Organization and The Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The implementation of best sustainable practices, offers numerous benefits to certified Mexican tourism companies, among which is to improve:

  • their productive efficiency
  • maximize the experience of their guests,
  • minimize the environmental footprint of their operation,
  • And provide companies with access to new technologies such as the platform of the Distinctive S, just to mention a few.

In favor of the Environment.

0066-Hotel Catalonia Playa Maroma- RA 0040-Hotel Catalonia Riviera Maya & Yucatan Beach-RA 0067-Hotel Catalonia Royal Tulum-RALast year Catalonia Playa Maroma was recognized with the Level 3 Verification of the Rainforest Alliance for Sustainable Tourism, which is the maximum granted by this program.

Rainforest Alliance is a proud member of the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism, whose mission is to make tourism a more environmentally friendly activity.

That is why he decided to venture into the tourism sector and lead an international movement for the sustainability of this industry; provide companies with tools and techniques to protect their local resources and attract a growing number of responsible travelers.

The seal of the Rainforest Alliance is an internationally recognized symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability that helps both companies and consumers to do their part to ensure a better future for all.

Also in 2017 we achieved the Zero Waste Certification, an initiative of Unilever Food Solutions that seeks profitability in food processing in consumer zones, through an extensive training program for our chefs and kitchen staff to reduce the loss to zero. We are the only hotel in Mexico with this certification marked a precedent and standard in the guild. Through the Eco-Cat Program we carry out the following actions:

  • Sensitization to guests about the care of the environment through the following means:
    • internal channel,
    • triptychs,
    • ecological padlock with options for changing blanks on alternate days avoiding
    • the use of disposables and decreasing the use of straws.
  • We carry out an arduous work in sustainable Education through the Ecological Day in which local handicrafts, gastronomy of the region are promoted, tours in the nursery of our hotel and also as we invite our guests to participate in various activities such as beach cleaning and campaigns of reforestation always accompanied by our pet
  • We provide our guests with guides on the Eco-Cat board, with precautions and recommendations to preserve the attractions of the area, for example archaeological sites, parks, and cenotes.
  • We have joined the international crusade “THE CODE” against child sexual exploitation in tourism, promoted by Fundación ECPAT with the support of UNICEF that establishes a plan for all companies working in the tourism sector, based on criteria to comply and in an action plan, with the aim of eradicating child sexual exploitation.
  • We carry out an annual measurement of carbon emissions and we have a plan to reduce GHG.
  • We actively participate in initiatives related to conservation or biodiversity at the national and international levels.
  • We comply with regional regulations and with the legislation applicable to protected areas and cultural heritage.
  • We respect land, water and property rights of indigenous cultures.
  • We have a policy of not selling historical or archaeological objects, or trading them or exposing them to the public.
  • Also, we apply the policy of not collecting, consuming or selling natural species or trading them or exposing them to the public.
  • And finally, we have an Energy Efficiency program, which includes actions such as:
    • Elimination of halogen dichroic bulbs by Led and
      Installation of motion sensors in the bathrooms of public areas and clothing stores.
  • Within the programs for Waste Reduction, besides participating in the Recycling of Playa de Carmen, we contribute with two actions called: Tapatón and Staple Collection, with which we support different civil foundations to facilitate the transfer and stay of patients and relatives who go to treatments of chemotherapy and donations of wheelchairs.We also support the school performance of the children of our collaborators with five key programs:
    • Health programs,
    • Support of School Supplies,
    • Housing Sponsorship,
    • Visual Sponsorship and
    • Computer Sponsorship.

    Three times a year we attend different Mayan communities, in which we deliver toys to celebrate The Three Kings Day. On some other visit, we deliver school supplies for return to school, food and clothing. All proceeds are voluntary donations from the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts partners in Mexico.And every year, in partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation, we commit ourselves to children through the 5K Realizing Dreams Race, in which the main purpose is to provoke illusion in children suffering from serious illnesses enriching their lives through experiences.

For more information:

Carretera Cancún-Chetumal km 264.5

77790, Akumal – Xpu-Ha Riviera Maya

Tel: +52 984-875 1800 Ext. 7120


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