Catalonia Hotels & Resorts in Mexico receives Green Globe certification

In Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we obtained the Green Globe certification for our three Riviera Maya Resorts in Mexico.

The Green Globe Certification is a worldwide program, specially developed to recognize and reward Travel and Tourism companies, who have improved their environmental performance, achieving sustainable and responsible practices.

The Green Globe Certification standard offers Hotels and Resorts, the possibility of carrying out a comprehensive assessment of aspects such as energy, water, waste management, corporate social responsibility and conservation.

 Green Globe

Late last year, we were audited with the aimed to verify the degree of compliance with the standards set by Green Globe and see if we could be creditors to obtain certification.

Gladly we can inform you now that we met the standards of Green Globe in Catalonia Playa Maroma, Catalonia Riviera Maya and Catalonia Royal Tulum.

Some of the conclusions that the study found were that both our General Staff and the Green Team from each Resort, are constantly committed to achieve the sustainable management of the company.

 Green Globe

We will work further to ensure all our staff understand the sustainability practices we do and how to incorporate them into their daily work routines.

Of course we also noted several improvement areas such as social responsibility and sustainable management. We are currently working on their promotion and communication.

We reinforce the commitment with our guests to continue being pioneers in the area and to take care for everything related to our environment.

  Green Globe

Achievements like these encourage us to continue improving every day to give you the best service in the Riviera Maya.

Do not wait and visit us soon, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with our Resorts.