Getting to Madrid airport from Atocha station

Atocha station is Madrid’s, if not the whole of Spain’s, most famous train station. It serves as a hub connecting Madrid with the rest of Spain and beyond, and it is from here that you will probably wave goodbye to the centre of Madrid and catch your chosen method of transport to the airport. The station has a central location near Retiro Park, Madrid’s art museums and a large selection of cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels. Read on for our top tips for how to get to Madrid airport from Atocha station.

Underground train from Atocha Station to Madrid Airport

For those that have asked the question, does Madrid metro go to airport, the answer is yes! Simply head into Madrid’s underground and catch a Metro to Madrid airport from the station. The journey takes just 35 minutes and costs between €4.50 and €6, with the airport supplement included. From the station catch a tube train to Tribunal station on Line 1 then change to Line 10 and get off at Nuevos Ministerios. From there take Line 8 which will take you all the way into the airport itself. It sounds more complicated than it is! Madrid’s underground system is really easy to use.

Bus from Atocha Station to Madrid Airport

There is an excellent bus service from just outside the RENFE station which will set you back just five euros per ticket, which you can buy when you board. There is plenty of space on board for your suitcase and the journey takes just 30 minutes. The buses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can even pay by credit/debit card.

Taxi from Atocha Station to Madrid Airport

A cab is the simplest way to get to the airport from Atocha station if you are travelling with a lot of heavy luggage that you don’t want to lug about from stop to stop on a public transport line. Simply hop in and tell the driver your destination so he or she can drop you off at the right place for your flight. A journey by cab takes approximately 25 minutes and has a fixed price, set by the Madrid council, of 30 €.

Bear in mind, though, that although it is the most luxurious of the options, it might not be the quickest, as Madrid is like any other capital city – chock-a-block with traffic. You can find cabs waiting at the exits of the station.

Suburban train from Atocha Station to Madrid Airport

Take a local RENFE Cercanías service to the airport from this fantastically located city centre station. This service is particularly apt for those whose flight is departing from Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas airport. The line C-1 on the Cercanías network takes you directly into the airport and from there you can take a shuttle bus to the right place to take your flight. With a journey time of just 25 minutes, it’s an option worth considering.

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