Las Ramblas street, in Barcelona

The most famous street in Barcelona: Las Ramblas

When visiting Barcelona, you have to go to Las Ramblas. It is one of the most famous and iconic streets in Barcelona. The street is popular with locals and tourists and boasts of having the city’s main thoroughfares. The street stretches for about 1.2km from Port Vell to Plaça Catalunya. This guide will take you through the most famous street in Barcelona and what to do in the Ramblas.

Las Ramblas, the most popular street in Barcelona

What is Las Ramblas known for

Las Ramblas is located at the heart of the city and is the busiest street in Barcelona. Locals and tourists flock to the street because of its special atmosphere, and there are some interesting places to visit in the city.

Terraces and restaurants

There are numerous terraces along the street where people sit and enjoy the special atmosphere. The movement of people creates a buzz in the busy streets, and you get to meet many travelers. There are restaurants on both sides of the streets, and you will enjoy various cuisines in the area. 

Expect the meals to be quite pricey because it is a busy street. One of the best restaurants in Las Ramblas is the Louro. It’s a restaurant where you can have the best Mediterranean Seafood.

Parts of Las Ramblas

The long stretch of the Las Ramblas comprises shorter streets, and this is the reason why Las Ramblas is written in plural. One is Rambla de Canaletes, located in the highest part of the street.

Rambla de Canaletes

Rambla de Canaletes has a beautiful fountain on the street that attracts visitors and locals. The fountain is located a few paces from the street and has a rich history and tradition. Football fans love meeting at the fountain, and it is believed that if you drink from it, you will return to Barcelona.

Other streets include Rambla dels Estudis, named after the former Jesuit University. It was also home to a Bird’s market known as La Rambla de los Pájaros.

At the Rambla de Sant Josep, you can visit flower and plant shops within the area. It is the most scented part of La Rambla, and if you are having a bad day, you should visit this part of the street.

In case you were a social drinker, you should visit Rambla de Santa Mònica. It is a lively part of Las Ramblas because most bars and restaurants are there. At the end of the street, you will see the Columbus Monument, a symbol of Italian-American pride.

Where to Stay in Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona, you must soak up the city’s full experience and, possibly, you can’t do that in one day. Visitors need somewhere to sleep for a few nights to complete their full tour.

The Catalonia Ramblas hotel is a wonderful place to stay while sightseeing Barcelona. It is a sup four-star hotel located in the city’s heart, just a few meters from Las Ramblas and from the well-known Plaza Catalunya

Catalonia Ramblas Hotel Facade

Also, the hotel is an emblematic building from the beginning of the 20th century and, in the inner side of the buildings which are part of Catalonia Ramblas, you will find a gardened terrace where you can rest. 

What is more, inside the hotel there are various bars and restaurants you can enjoy after a day out in the city, and Pulai restaurant and the Gourmet corner bar are some preferred spots for hotel guests. If you want to view Barcelona’s skyline, the Vanguard offers the best view of the hotel.

Las Ramblas isn’t just any street; it is Barcelona’s epicenter. You should visit Barcelona to experience the street nightlife, culture, people and the special atmosphere. It would take you more than two days to completely enjoy Las Ramblas, showing you the importance of the many sites and scenes you will experience. Las Ramblas is worth it, so just pack your bags and come and visit this iconic part of Barcelona.