Ham dish, typical food in Granada

Typical Food in Granada you must try

Granada is a major tourist attraction in Spain due to its historic and architectural monuments. There are lots of things you could see and do in Granada, but you wouldn’t enjoy that without having a taste of Granada’s cuisine. We already talked about the best tapas in Granada. Today, read on and discover the various pieces of traditional food you shouldn’t go without having in Granada.

Granada tapa omelette

Habas con jamón

A traditional recipe of broad beans and ham, which are cheap and a popular delicacy in Granada. The beans are sautéed with onions, ham and spices of your choice to make a tasty meal. Sometimes, the recipe could have peas instead of beans, depending on the season.
It is a complete meal, very nutritious, and served in various bars and restaurants in Granada. To get the full flavor of the recipe, get the beans from their pods instead of the frozen ones in supermarkets. Also, ensure to sauté the beans and ham over very low heat to get the best of the recipe.

Tortilla del Sacromonte

It is a popular traditional egg dish that combines lamb or calf brains and testicles. Other additions include peas, breadcrumbs, nuts, potatoes, chorizo, and peppers. First, the testicles and brains are sautéed with white wine and bay leaves to bring out the flavors before adding the other ingredients.

The dish has a rich history and it’s believed to have originated from the Sacromonte neighborhood. The dish is found in Andalusia but is associated with Granada. Like any other egg dish, the outer layers form a crispy crunch while the inner layers are soft.


It is a pastry from the Hispanic-Muslim era between the 8th and 15th centuries. During this time, Granada was heavily influenced by Arabic culture. The small cake has two parts: one is a thin, layered, moist pastry filled with cream and cinnamon, while the other is the toasted cream on top.

Remojón granaíno

The remojón is a typical salad in Granada. It’s easy to prepare and it has a long-standing tradition with the Granada locals and it’s also known as the Granadino soak. The soak is a garden product made of typical things within reach.

The egg and cod were within reach for fishermen and people involved along the coast. The cod could be salted and kept for weeks without going bad. The soak was made with oranges, cod, onion, and black olives. The last bit would be to cut the eggs into pieces and present the salad.

Jamón de Trevélez

It is one of the best Serrano Ham, and it won the Spanish award in 2018. Made from English pig, the meat is tasty, soft, and flavorful. The feed received by these pigs is natural, which makes the ham even more appealing for visitors.

Olla de San Antón

It is a traditional stew made with beans, rice, and pork. The meat consists of the pig leftovers after a slaughter, which commonly happens during the first week of February, the time around which Saint Anthony’s Day is celebrated. During this time, you can enjoy the stew in Granadian restaurants until all the ingredients run out.

Where to stay in Granada

Granada is a lovely place to visit, and during your tour, you need somewhere to rest after a long day visiting the town. Several hotels in Granada offer a great place to relax, and one of them is the Catalonia Granada. The hotel, with four stars, is part of a chain of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts that are predominantly in the Spanish region and also other cities in Europe.

Catalonia Granada Rooftop
From the hotel, it’s only a few minutes walk to the famous Alhambra and Generalife or see the cathedral. From the hotel rooftop, you can see the Sierra Nevada as you enjoy the poolside ambience. You will also enjoy a Granadian breakfast before starting your town tour.

There is a lot to see in Granada, and the hospitality scene certainly doesn’t disappoint. From the above-mentioned traditional cuisines, you will learn more about typical food in Granada. So, what are you waiting for? Get down to Granada and have a great experience.