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Do you already know everything that Granada hides? There is a wide range of hotels in Granada, including the Catalonia Granada hotel, from where you can get to know this city and its incredible Arab legacy. Keep reading and learn about the curiosities and essential places to see in Granada. [...] Ver más +

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Apart from the obligatory visit to the Alhambra in Granada, the Generalife Gardens and the beautiful Muslim neighborhood of Albaicín, this Spanish destination has a special charm, with a past so intense that it will leave you speechless. Move around the city and discover this wonderful destination from the variety of hotels in Granada.

Did you know that the translation of Alhambra is 'red fortress' or 'red castle'? One of the explanations is that its walls have a reddish color, due to the ferruginous clay with which it was built, which contains iron. Another legend says that it is because of the night torches, which reflected the color of the fire on the walls of this fortification, while it was being built at night.

The Romanesque and Muslim legacy will make you know the reason for many of its curiosities that we recommend you visit on foot, the best way to visit the city center. During a weekend you can visit its most famous corners by staying in one of the hotels in Granada, such as our Catalonia Granada.

For example, the Royal Chapel, attached to the Cathedral of Granada, is the place where the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, are buried, who actively participated in the discovery of America. Furthermore, the Cathedral, built in the 16th century, is one of the masterpieces of the Spanish Renaissance that you cannot forget to visit.

In the afternoon, rest a little on history and get lost in the Albaicín neighborhood, made up of streets that during the Byzantine Empire were used to pay taxes for the commercialization of merchandise. This area housed the main silk trade center during the Nasrid period, the last Muslim dynasty that reigned in Granada.

To spend a fun night, visit one of the Sacromonte caves, where you can attend a zambra, which is a typical flamenco show.

If you are thinking of a romantic weekend in Granada, surprise your partner during your stay by enjoying a beautiful sunset while drinking a local beer. There are many corners where you can contemplate it, such as, for example, from the San Miguel Alto viewpoint. If you feel like it, you can also admire the sunset from the terrace of the Catalonia Granada hotel, while you sip a delicious cocktail.

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What to do in Granada

  • gs://granada-alhambra.jpg

    Alhambra of Granada

    It is one of the most visited historical monuments in the world. The walled complex of the Alhambra is limited by the Darro River and is at the top of a hill, its oldest part is the Alcazaba. Don't leave without visiting the Generalife Gardens and the Nasrid Palaces.
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    Granada Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Granada is one of the key monuments to understand the Renaissance era in Spain. It was built in 1505 on an old mosque and next to it is the Royal Chapel, with the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs.
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    Puerta de Elvira

    This was the longest street in the city until the 11th century and begins its journey at the Puerta de Elvira. It is a fundamental artery for the circulation of goods and people in the medina or old neighborhood of the city of Granada. It is only 10 minutes from the Catalonia Granada hotel.
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