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Whether you are traveling for a long weekend or your stay in Bayahibe is going to be longer, come and enjoy the beach and the hotels in Bayahibe! These 4- and 5-star resorts will create your perfect vacation where you will mainly focus on enjoying the beach and relaxing. Although we have much more to recommend you! [...] [...] Ver más +

Hotels in Bayahibe

In our 4 and 5 star resorts you will live a perfect vacation relaxing on the paradisiacal beaches and in the large garden and pool areas. Although we have much more to recommend for your vacation in Bayahibe! 

Located in the province of La Romana (Dominican Republic), the coast of Bayahibe continues to preserve the charm of tropical beaches that are not crowded with tourists. Opting for a hotel in Bayahibe is a fantastic choice, if what you are looking for is to get lost in a jungle environment. In addition to the beaches with crystal-clear waters, the golden sand and our great gastronomic offer, we recommend nearby places that you cannot miss during your vacation. 

What to see in Bayahibe? La Romana is a province of contrasts, where some of the most exclusive all-inclusive vacation resorts on the planet are located, as well as areas of virgin tropical jungle and great biodiversity. 

The fishing port and its beach add great attraction to this Caribbean destination where residents preserve ancestral traditions. From this point we can take excursions from the Bayahibe hotels to the picturesque Catalina and Saona islands. After a short boat ride, you will reach two must-visit places of interest where you can practice snorkeling and diving. 

It is also advisable to visit Altos de Chavón, a Mediterranean village commissioned by an architect in 1975 to reflect a medieval Italian city. Great international artists have performed in the amphitheater. 

The coast of Bayahibe is surrounded by coral reefs and the remains of several shipwrecks that have become home to countless aquatic animals. From the hotels in Bayahibe you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the bay. In this area, diving and snorkeling are allowed, so you will enjoy the experience in all its splendor. 

From our hotel in Bayahibe we have organized a lot of daytime, water, sports and nighttime activities so that you can have a great time with your travel companions. If you travel as a family we also have workshops designed especially for the little ones. 

But if you are traveling as a couple or friends, the all-inclusive adults-only resorts in Bayahibe may interest you much more. Choose your favorite and enjoy all the calm and tranquillity of the Caribbean! 

In fact, this area of Bayahibe has its own native flora: the Bayahibe rose, a cactus with a peculiarity that makes it unique in the world: it has leaves. This species, in danger of extinction, is only found near the port of Bayahibe. 

In this tropical destination, exotic fruits, fish and seafood are the basis of its incredible gastronomy, which you can find in our hotels in Bayahibe. You can't miss the grilled or coconut fish, such as lambí, or the dishes made with grilled lobster or rum. If you want to taste the most traditional cuisine of Bayahibe, try sancocho or locrio. 

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  • gs://bayahibe-la-romana.jpg

    La Romana

    It is a city close to Bayahibe, 25 minutes away, where some Catalonia Hotels & Resorts hotels are located. As its name suggests, La Romana has medieval and Mediterranean architecture with a European style.
  • gs://bayahibe-altos-chavon.jpg

    Altos de Chavón

    Curious town of contemporary construction (1975) reminiscent of an Italian town from the Medieval Era. It is also called City of Artists for the number of performances that have been performed in its main amphitheatre.
  • gs://bayahibe-isla-catalina.jpg

    Catalina Island

    One of the most popular excursions in the Dominican Republic. From our hotels in La Romana and Bayahibe you can easily get there leaving the fishing port of Bayahibe. Visit this beautiful island along with Saona Island by staying in the all-inclusive Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.
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