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Whether you're travelling for a long weekend or if your stay in Bayahibe is longer, come and enjoy the beach and hotels in Bayahibe! These 4 and 5 star resort hotels will ensure a perfect holiday, focused mainly on the beach and relaxation. Although we do have a lot more to recommend! [...] Ver más +

Hotels in Bayahibe

These 4 and 5 star resort hotels will ensure a perfect holiday, focused mainly on the beach and relaxation. Although we do have a lot more to recommend!

Located in La Romana province (Dominican Republic) the Bayahibe coast has all the charm of tropical beaches but without as many tourists. Booking a hotel in Bayahibe is a fantastic choice if you're looking to lose yourself in a tropical setting. The beach is the destination and together with the relaxation and other options we recommend you’ll have a holiday to remember all your life.

What to do in Bayahibe La Romana is a province of contrasts, where you’ll find some of the most exclusive all-inclusive resorts on the planet and virgin tropical jungles waiting to be discovered.

The fishing port and beach add appeal to this tropical destination where local traditions are upheld. From this point you can set out from the hotels in Bayahibe for the picturesque Catalina and Saona islands by boat. Both are a must and you can snorkel and dive in the waters off the islands.

It’s also interesting to visit Altos de Chavón, a Mediterranean village commissioned to an architect in 1975 to reflect a medieval Italian city. Headlining international artists have played the amphitheatre.

The Bayahibe coast is surrounded by coral reefs and the remains of various shipwrecks which have become home to a wealth of sea animals. You can enjoy amazing panoramic views over the bay from the hotels in Bayahibe. Diving and snorkelling are allowed in this area, so you can enjoy the experience in all its splendour. 

At the hotel in Bayahibe we've organised loads of water and sports activities by day as well as evening entertainment so you have a great time with your travel partners. If you're travelling with your family, your children will learn more about nature through the organised activities we have prepared.

But if you're travelling with your partner or friends, the adults-only all-inclusive resorts in Bayahibe may interest you more. Choose what you prefer and enjoy the peace and calm of the Caribbean!

This area in Bayahibe has its own local flora: the Bayahibe rose, a cactus with a special feature that makes it unique in the world - it has leaves. The species, in danger of extinction, is only found around Bayahibe Port
In this tropical destination, exotic fruit, fish and seafood obviously form the base of all good meals, which you can try in our hotels in Bayahibe. We also recommend you try conch fish either grilled or with a coconut sauce, or lobster grilled or in a rum sauce, in any small local restaurant. Traditional Bayahibe dishes include sancocho soup and locrio, similar to pilaf or paella.

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    La Romana

    A city 25 minutes from Bayahibe with a number of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts hotels. As the name suggests, La Romana boasts European-style medieval and Mediterranean architecture.
  • public://bayahibe-altos-chavon.jpg

    Altos de Chavón

    An unusual contemporary construction (1975) reminiscent of an Italian town from medieval times. Also called City of Artists for the number of performances that have been held in its main amphitheatre.
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    Catalina Island

    One of the most popular excursions in Dominican Republic. You can easily reach it from our La Romana hotels in Bayahibe, leaving from Bayahibe fishing port. Visit this pretty island and Saona Island during your all-inclusive stay at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.
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Altos de Chavon.

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