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The capital of the Ebro will surprise you for the historical legacy from different times it preserves. From Roman settlements to 21st century architecture, Zaragoza contains two thousand years of history in its streets. Stay at one of our hotels in Zaragoza and see its cultural sights - you’ll love it! Keep reading for more on what to see. [...] Ver más +

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Get your day off to a good start by breakfasting either in our hotels in Zaragoza or one of the city’s most iconic cafes, Café Levante, which dates back to 1895 and still maintains the essence of its past. 

Zaragoza has such a rich legacy that touring the city requires time and a well-thought-out plan. We have created a selection of some of the most important places of interest to follow from our hotel in Zaragoza and not miss a thing. 

What to see Start your visit to Zaragoza at the Teatro de Caesaraugusta Roman theatre and the Museo del Foro (Forum Museum), featuring 1st century Roman ruins. Next on your route is the Aljafería, a former Muslim palace which the king who ordered its construction dubbed the ‘palace of joy’ for the way it represented the splendour of his kingdom. Did you know that the Mudejar art of Aragon is Unesco World Heritage-listed?

The next part of your itinerary takes you along the Ebro River where there’s the world’s largest and most accurate sundial and, from there, to Plaza del Pilar just a few metres from our hotel in Zaragoza. This square is also home to San Salvador Cathedral, also known as La Seo and dating back to the 12th century. You can see the Romanesque, Mudéjar, baroque and neo-classical influences both inside and out. The Lonja de Mercaderes is one of the leading examples of Aragonese Renaissance architecture in Zaragoza.

The jewel in Zaragoza’s crown is the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar cathedral-basilica. Its clear Renaissance influences can be appreciated on the outside. Don’t leave the basilica without admiring the Renaissance chancel and the paintings by Goya and Bayeu on the domes. Close to Plaza del Pilar is the Patio de la Infanta, with its impressive series of Goya oil paintings.
And now it’s time for lunch! Feel like a tasty bit of Aragonese lamb? It can come roasted or in a stew....or would you prefer Zaragoza-style rice washed down with the local Ámbar beer?

In the afternoon you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the other side of the Ebro River where you’ll find the facilities from Expo 2008 and then have tapas in the popular Tubo neighbourhood.

What to eat Zaragoza’s premier tapas zone is called El Tubo. It's a great place for sampling local dishes like migas, salmorejo soup or roasted lamb. For dessert we recommend adoquina sweets or maraschino cherries, which you can also find at our hotels in Zaragoza.

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What to do in Zaragoza

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    Historical centre

    The historical centre, comprising the neighbourhoods of Gancho, Magdalena and San Miguel, is the second largest in Spain. This is the area with the city's principal landmarks.
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    Basílica del Pilar

    The Basílica del Pilar cathedral is the only Christian building in the world to contain symbols of taoism, the Chinese branch of religion and philosophy related to yin and yang. They can be seen on the eight central domes of the building. You can visit it simply by stepping out of your hotel in Zaragoza.
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    La Seo Cathedral

    In addition to the Basílica del Pilar cathedral in Zaragoza is La Seo Cathedral which is now Christian but has undergone many historical stages. It's right next door to our hotel in Zaragoza.
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