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San Sebastián is the smallest province in Spain but even so it is one of the ones with the most tourist attractions. The big advantage is that these tourist attractions are all very close to one another and can easily be visited on foot so you can admire the colours of the city. It is the perfect place for a weekend. If you are planning a trip north, keep reading and discover our recommendations to get the most out of the city. [...] Ver más +

Hotels in San Sebastián

San Sebastián is chiefly known for its beautiful Cantabrian coastline, fine dining and architectural gems. La Concha Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Its promenade, adorned with a decorated white railing, has become the symbol of the Basque city. If you are after a quiet beach on your visit, this might not be the best one. We recommend more laidback options like Ondarreta or Zurriola beaches. The latter is particularly good if you want to ride the waves, being one of the most popular with surfers.

If you like lookouts, you can't afford to miss the views from Mount Igueldo. From here you will have the best views of San Sebastián, La Concha Bay and Santa Clara Island. And if you want the opposite view, you will find it from Mount Urgullon the other side of the bay.

After checking out La Concha Bay, we recommend one of the main attractions of San Sebastián: a stroll through the city's old town. This very pleasant walk beside the port and Paseo Nuevo will allow you to discover the charm of its streets. At Plaza de la Constitución, in the heart of the old town, you will be struck by the balconies preserved there, formerly the stalls to watch bull runs from.

If you are travelling with the family, the San Sebastián Aquarium is great for kids. A good way to combine historical tourism with more child-friendly options. The remodelled Aquarium is now one of the largest in Europe and the tunnel crossing the main pool will give the little ones something good to remember. Another highlight for kids would be to see the city on the tourist train or tourist bus. They will have a blast!

San Sebastián is one of the cities best known for its foodie scene. If you enjoy culinary tourism, San Sebastián is a must. It boasts 16 Michelin stars spread across nine restaurants. It is also famous for its pintxos. You can't leave San Sebastián without trying this Basque take on tapas. The best place for pintxos is the old part of town. This is where you find the largest concentration of bars you've ever seen.

If you come to San Sebastián by car, leave it in a car park and discover the city on foot. There is also public transport, but we suggest you walk around town as the distances are very short and it will allow you to delve into every corner of the city.

Explore the Basque city while staying at the Catalonia Donosti. Located on San Bartolomé hill, it boasts stunning panoramic views over La Concha Beach and is very close to all the tourist points in town.

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Alto San Bartolome, 9 | 0.5 Km / Centre
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What to do in San Sebastián

  • gs://playa-de-la-concha.jpg

    La Concha Beach

    Considered one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world.
  • gs://monte-urgull.jpg

    Mount Urgull

    Located at one end of La Concha Bay, guarding the Old Town. The most important historical heritage of San Sebastián.
  • gs://palacio-miramar.jpg

    Miramar Palace

    The Miramar complex comprises a palace, its park and different buildings and gardens.
  • gs://peine-del-viento.jpg

    Peine del Viento

    This is a series of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida set on an architectural work by Basque architect Luis Peña Ganchegui. It is located at the end of Ondarreta Beach.