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Murcia is one of the quietest destinations on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Founded in the 9th century by Abd al-Rahman II, the city has since been influenced by the vast Muslim and Christian legacy that surrounds it. By booking at one of the hotels in Murcia, such as the Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca hotel, you ensure a comfortable stay in the city. [...] Ver más +

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What do we recommend you visit? From the Arab period, the remains of the wall that Abd al-Rahman II ordered to be built in the 9th century stand out in the city of Murcia. As well as the Royal Almunia, second residence of King Ibn Mardanish, known as the Wolf King. In the nearby Santa Clara Museum you will find a large sample of remains, utensils and tools used during the period.

If you walk towards the ancient city, you will see that the names of the ancient guilds of the Middle Ages are preserved on the streets. Within this historic area are the 18th century Episcopal Palace, with its Rococo façade and its interior patio of Churrigueresque influence, and the Cathedral, erected in the 14th century. The latter stands out for its mix of styles, its baroque façade and its 92-meter tower. It is also worth visiting the Church of La Merced, from the 16th century, the Convent of Santa Ana or the Church of Santo Domingo.

Moving through the city and its architectural footprint you will discover the neoclassical style, present in the Murcia City Hall, the Casino and the Romea theater. The surroundings of the Plaza de las Flores or the neighborhoods of San Pedro and Santa Catalina are some of the most characteristic and beautiful areas of Murcia. You can continue your walk until you reach the point where the city meets the orchard.

If you have time, after resting in one of the hotels in Murcia, you can complete your visit to the city at the Archaeological Museum, the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts or the Cathedral Museum.

Did you know that Murcia is also known by the nickname “orchard of Europe” for having a great agricultural capacity? The Murcian garden provides the main local products that make up the local gastronomy. From any of the hotels in Murcia you can enjoy garden ratatouille, chickpea stew or zarangollo, some of the most representative dishes of the region. We recommend pairing these dishes with red wine from the D. O. of Bullas, Yecla and Jumilla.

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What to do in Murcia

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    City centre

    The old town area of the city center is where you can find more cultural monuments with a great historical legacy and where our hotel in Murcia is located. The city has a lot to see, from palaces and monasteries, to museums, walls and religious buildings.
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    It is a large university with 5 campuses that dates back to the time of Alfonso X the Wise. Both during the time of Infante and Conqueror and during the reign of Alfonso X, the university functioned as a center for higher-level studies and research.
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    Shopping area (Corte Inglés)

    If you like shopping, a good option is to visit the commercial area of Murcia, where you will find all kinds of stores. From the most traditional ones with artisan products to the most current ones, such as the El Corte Inglés Shopping Center.
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