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This destination is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Its size means you can find a variety of hotels in Mallorca for people who like to go out and those who prefer more laid-back or family holidays. Keep reading and see what we recommend! [...] Ver más +

Hotels in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island with a great deal of history. Due to its enclave and location it was a motive for confrontation over the centuries among Muslims, Germans and the Austrian and Bourbon dynasties.

The traces of the past are visible across the island and its exceptional beaches and cliffs are some of the most popular tourist attractions. Booking a room in one of our hotels in Mallorca is a guarantee of an exceptional holiday. We have renovated rooms for adults-only or for children if you’re staying in our family-friendly hotels.
Our tips for a perfect weekend or longer break are:

The Gothic Cathedral in Palma, one of the most recognisable buildings on the island. It was built on the orders of James I the Conqueror, King of Aragon, in the 8th century, on the site of a former mosque, which is why it's facing Mecca. It also boasts the world’s largest Gothic rose window.

Bellver Castle has the peculiarity of a circular floor plan, one of the few places in Europe with such a structure. Throughout its history it was used as a home for the Aragon Monarchs in the 14th century, a defence bastion during 16th-century sieges and a military prison in the 18th century. Inside is the Palma Municipal Museum. 

The Almudaina Royal Palace or Alcázar Real is one of the residences of the Spanish Royal Family. It stands in front of the cathedral, with views to the port. A castle was built on top of the citadel in the early 14th century, during the reign of James II of Aragon, and it became the seat of government in the kingdom.

Wandering the medieval neighbourhood is a rewarding experience. This is where you find the Arab Baths, now the only Muslim building preserved intact on Mallorca. Inside you can enjoy the classical rooms of the bathhouse, as well as a relaxing garden. 

Mallorca’s beaches are full of beauty and ambiance. In terms of green zones, the most recommendable is Es Portitxolet beachand Paseo Calviá, called the “green lung" of Mallorca. It features a route covering more than 30 kilometres for you to enjoy the island’s vegetation and scenery. The beaches to the north of the island are the calmest, although you’ll love them all.

Palma Port is one of the largest Mediterranean ports in terms of cruise liners. It has impressive views and lavish vessels docked at its quays. 

You can't leave Mallorca without trying thegastronomy: frit mallorquí, (pan-fried meat and vegetables), sobrasada sausage, the tumbet vegetable dish and stuffed aubergines. The ensaimada is possibly the iconic element that best represents the island - it's a pastry which may be Jewish or Muslim in origin but will definitely be remembered by all who try it. Ensaimadas can come in angel hair versions and even with sobrasada sausage! Try it at our hotels in Mallorca. 

Mallorca has a huge cultural and scenic offering, making it one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. Do you fancy enjoying this lovely island?

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Passeig del Moll, 15 | 1.5 Km / Centre
With charm Beachfront Pool and spa
8 / 10 - VERY GOOD
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Garita, 3 | 3 Km / Centre
Beachfront With charm Pools
8.3 / 10 - VERY GOOD

What to do in Mallorca

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    Downtown Palma

    The old neighbourhood of Palma boasts many 17th century monuments and is one of the most interesting areas to see if you are a fan of history and architecture. The most impressive is Palma Cathedral, with the world’s largest Gothic rose window.
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    Palma Beach

    Although not one of the prettiest in Palma de Mallorca it is rich in cultural offerings, shows, guided tours and business tourism. Its extensive sports offering means you can practice water sports, cycling and golf.
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    The Port

    The cruise liner leader, lovely Palma Port is open nearly 24 hours a day. You can breakfast here, eat in any of the hundreds of restaurants, go out for a drink and dance in the nightclubs open until well into the early hours of the morning. This area is always very lively and is one of the zones with good hotels in Mallorca.
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