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Brussels, European administrative capital and nerve center of the EU, experienced its moment of greatest splendor in the Middle Ages. Founded in the 10th century, it became famous for the craftsmanship of linen lace and tapestries. Keep reading and discover our recommended places and hotels in Brussels! [...] Ver más +

Hotels in Brussels

Book a room in one of the best hotels in Brussels and soak up the charm of one of the most beautiful European capitals. Combine your stay in Brussels in a harmonious way between its medieval past, thanks to its well-preserved buildings, and the cosmopolitan style that makes it the meeting point of the continent's political and financial life.

Your walk through the city begins at the Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Dozens of buildings surround this square, creating an impressive architectural ensemble. Nearby you will find one of the symbols of Brussels, the Manneken Pis, a cherub that urinates on a fountain. This has its feminine counterpoint in Jeanneke Pis.

In the historic center you can visit the Brussels Cathedral, the art deco Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and the Gothic Notre Dame du Sablon, a pilgrimage site during the Middle Ages.

If you want to enjoy a moment of rest in the city center, head to Brussels Park. Next to it stands the majestic Royal Palace. Today, royalty no longer resides in this palace, but it remains their official headquarters.

The Atomium is, along with Manneken Pis, the most recognizable symbol of the city even abroad. Designed and built for the 1958 Universal Exhibition, it is a must-see place.

If you want to soak up the European spirit, you should visit the European Quarter, where the Parliament is located, and Mini Europe, a park with more than 350 models of different monuments and symbols of the main cities of the Union, which you can enjoy after booking a stay in one of the hotels in Brussels.

Very close to Brussels you can visit Ghent and Bruges, two of the best preserved medieval cities in the country. If you like beer, we suggest the tour of the Beer Abbeys, although if you don't have time, we recommend going to taste one of the many delicious local beers in the very center of the city. If you are more into chocolate, stop by the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum where they explain the production process in an entertaining way and where you can try this delicious sweet. A good option if you travel with children… or without them!

During your visit to Brussels you cannot miss trying the moules frites, the French fries purchased in any friterie, its more than 80 varieties of cheese, the famous chocolate and of course, washing all this down with one of its abbey beers.

Among the varied range of hotels in Brussels, choose one that allows you to visit the city in complete comfort, such as, for example, the Catalonia Brussels hotel, next to Avenue Louise, one of the main shopping areas of the city.

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What to do in Brussels

  • gs://bruselas-grand-place.jpg

    Grand Place

    It is the main square of Brussels, the most acclaimed architecturally speaking and the most filled with tourists who admire its majesty. Near the Grand Place you will find hotels so you can sleep and have breakfast before going out to discover this charming city.
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    Manneken Pis

    It is a small statue that has been stolen several times during the passage of time and wars. It is curious to see how, on special occasions, they dress the statue in different costumes. Did you know that in the past the stream of water was exchanged for wine or beer?
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    Downtown Brussels

    In the heart of Brussels you will find great monuments such as the Grand Place, for many the most beautiful in Europe, the small statue of Manneken Pis and a shop that you may love, the Maison J. Dandoy, where you can try speculoos, the most famous Belgian cookies. .
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