We celebrated World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day was celebrated on September 27 and had as its central theme Sustainable Tourism as a development tool.

The celebration of World Tourism Day was carried out in tune with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017.

Peace and dialogue, energy, accessibility, world heritage and water in tourism have been some of the issues addressed in recent years.

World Tourism Day

According to the General Assembly of the United Nations, the objective of the Sustainable Development program is to meet the needs of present and future generations, seeking solid long-term development and balancing the economic and social aspects, as well as environmental protection.

The day was dedicated to exploring the contribution of Tourism to the Sustainable Development Objectives.

Specific Objectives of Sustainable Development


  • End of poverty and hunger
  • Access to a¬†quality health and education system
  • Gender Equality
  • Reducing inequalities in all aspects
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Peace, Justice and solid institutions.


  • Sustainability of clean water and sanitation
  • Non-polluting energy
  • Action for climate change, underwater life, and terrestrial ecosystems


  • Innovation and industrial infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible production and consumption

World Tourism Day

In Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we carried out some activities during the last week of September, in order to contribute to the celebration of World Tourism Day in our resorts in Mexico, Catalonia Playa Maroma, Catalonia Riviera Maya and Catalonia Royal Tulum:

  • Both guests and collaborators participated together in the International Beach Cleaning Day, collecting garbage and plastics.
  • The Global Warming Conference was held for employees of the three hotels.
  • The Ecological Day was celebrated with the participation of guests and collaborators.

One of the most important environmental practices we carry out at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is Ecological Day, also known as Eco-Cat Day. We do it once a week and we organize different activities organized by the Eco-Cat Committee and always with the presence of Yax Xi, our pet.

During this day, traditions, gastronomy, flora, and fauna of the region are revealed, and an environmental activity such as reforestation or beach cleaning is carried out. There are also courses on environmental education topics, such as Waste Reduction, Global Warming, and Sustainable Tourism.

With all these actions we celebrated World Tourism Day and reaffirmed our commitment to ecology and the environment. In addition, we were recently rewarded by Travel Weekly with the Magellan Gold Award for the ecological practices of our Caribbean resorts both in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic.