What to eat in Amsterdam: a recommendation

Want to know what to eat in Amsterdam? Many people who have never been to the Netherlands before fail to associate it with its own, distinctive cuisine. Although Chinese, Indian and Mediterranean restaurants proliferate in the city, there are plenty of places in Amsterdam to enjoy traditional Dutch food. If that takes your fancy, then what are the dishes to look out for?



These snacks are meaty treats that are deep fried in batter and usually served with a tangy sauce to dip them into. They’re also good with mustard. Have them as an aperitif with a few drinks before your main meal.


A wonderful dessert or something to take with you as you explore the streets of Amsterdam, so you can eat them in any neighborhood in Amsterdam. These are very thin waffles that resemble a biscuit. They’re sticky and covered with a sweet, delicious coating. Have one with a morning coffee.


Not dissimilar from pancakes, this version is a bit lighter and fluffier, more like a French crêpe. They’re spread very thinly and typically come served with fruit, cream or syrup.

Broodje Haring

Ideal for lunches, these are sandwiches made in long, soft white rolls. Salt-cured herring and gherkins make up the traditional filling of these snacks which also usually contain finely chopped onion.


This alcoholic beverage is something you’ll want to sample at least once during your stay in Amsterdam. It is a spirit made from juniper berries which tastes more like a scotch than gin.


A kind of mini pancake made with buckwheat, these delicious items can be served in fine dining establishments as a dessert. You’ll also find them on offer from street vendors. Amsterdammers love them.


Great for a cold evening meal, this dish consists of mashed potato mixed with another vegetable, such as kale. The winter warmer is served with a large pork sausage on a bed of mash.


In Dutch, this word means cheese. There are plenty of regional cheeses to sample while you’re in Amsterdam so if your idea of Dutch cheese is Edam, then you’ll be in for a treat given the variation on offer. Geitenkaas or Maasdammer are especially worth seeking out.

Patat Friet

In the Netherlands, fried potatoes are often served in a chipped form with nothing more than a little salt, mayonnaise or mustard. Ketchup is also a favorite serving accompaniment for these delicious morsels which are often cut a little thicker than French fries, for example.


As the name implies, this is a sweet dessert tart made with apples. Unlike other tarts of this type, the Dutch version is heavy on cinnamon and raisin with plenty of pastry that gives it a pie-like quality.
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Where to Stay in Amsterdam

There are numerous hotels in Amsterdam to choose from but not all of them have their own restaurants. If you are looking for a delightful place to stay near to the main sites, such as the Van Gogh Museum and Vondelpark, and from where you can find good places to eat with ease, then check out the Catalonia Vondel Amsterdam. Here, you will also be able to access the lively Joost restaurant, serving an à la carte menu with many high-quality Dutch dishes.

Catalonia Junior Suite Room

If you fancy less formal surroundings, then the four-star Catalonia Vondel Hotel, which is built across seven traditional Dutch-style townhouses, also provides room service. There is a Gastobar, too, where you can dine in more relaxed company, if you prefer. Breakfast is also provided for guests who would like to make a reservation with this meal included. You can also hire bicycles from the hotel, a good way to find eateries a little further afield.

Now you know what to eat in Amsterdam that will make your visit there a culinary experience, why do you not make a booking? As well as international cuisine, Amsterdam has plenty to offer visitors who have never experienced the delights of Dutch food before.