10 best things to do in Porto

Portugal is a rewarding tourist destination in Europe because of its cosmopolitan cities, quaint villages, wine country, and the coastline that stretches for 1800 kilometers. The years of history and the amazing cuisines offer travelers everything. This guide will take you through the best things you can do in Porto.

boat at porto bay

Livraria Lello

If you are an avid reader, this is the place you should visit in Porto. The bookstore is near the Porto University Faculty of Sciences, making it an ideal place for scholars to congregate and do their research.

The interior space is a spectacle, a forked staircase connecting to a gallery on the first floor. It is beautiful and has an aesthetic feel, making it an ideal place to visit in Portugal.

Clérigos Church

It is a Baroque church in the city of Porto, Portugal. The church has a 75-meter-tall bell tower that can be seen from various parts of the city. The church is built on high ground and offers a breathtaking view of Porto and the Douro.

The church is also near the Casa da Irmandade, a museum depicting the lives of the cleric in the mid-18th century.

Douro River

The river has the highest flow in the Iberian Peninsula, and you will see beautiful sceneries along the river banks. There are large vineyards along the river bank, and it may be the world’s most beautiful wine region.

The river starts in the Soria province and ends in the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists love visiting the river because there are many tourist attractions along the bank, and one of the interesting sites is a giant barrel where you can spend the night in Porto.

Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

They are not far from Porto’s historic center and are the ideal option to take a break from the city. It is the perfect place for nature lovers because it is a botanical garden with lawns dotted with fountains, sculptures, and magnolias.

These lovely gardens are near the National Museum Soares dos Reis, the most famous museum in Porto.

Sandeman Museum-Cellar

The cellars are located near the Douro in a granite building dated 1797. The House of Sandeman invites visitors to an experience of mystery balanced with a traditional and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

You will be guided by a person dressed up as Sandeman Don and get to taste two glasses of wine guided by the experts as you learn about the museum’s history.

Soares dos Reis National Museum

The national museum was founded in 1833 and exhibits art confiscated from the Portuguese convents. The museum has a lot of collections from a variety of resources, such as civil, religious, public and private institutions.

The museum is housed in the Carrancas Palace in the parish of Cedofeita and is near Porto Historic Centre and the Cathedral.

Casa da Música

The concert hall is the new home of the National Orchestra of Porto, making it ideal for music enthusiasts to visit the great hall.

It’s near the magical Douro, where you can have a wine tasting tour and a river cruise.

Porto Cathedral

It is a Roman Catholic church in the city’s center and is its most important religious monument.

The cathedral offers excellent views of the Douro and the wine cellars near the waterfront.

Muralha Fernandina

It is a medieval fortification in the civil parish of Cedofeita. It is the perfect place to stop and rest while admiring this outstanding medieval building.

Also, it’s a walking distance from the Dom Luís I Bridge and the São Bento station.

Parque de Cidade

Located between Matosinhos and Foz do Duoro, it is the biggest urban park in Portugal and an ideal place to have a nice picnic and a walk. It is well communicated, since it is easy to get to the park using Porto’s bus system, and it’s worth going because it is a huge park close to the sea.

It’s also a great way of seeing the nice suburbs Porto has in the area.

Another option to make the most of your journey is visiting Porto neighborhoods.You will enjoy their idiosincrasy.

Where to stay in Porto

There are numerous hotels in Porto that offer pristine accommodation in the city.

The hotel Catalonia Porto is a charming hotel located in the heart of the city and is among a group of buildings dating back to the late 18th century. The hotel is next to Batalha square, which is near São Bento Railway and is a leisure point and shopping area for tourists and locals. Also, the hotel is just five minutes walking from Ribera district, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. Definitely, it has the perfect location for tourists.

Catalonia Porto

The hotel is a walking distance of the Ribeira district, and its restaurants bank the Douro giving guests an amazing view.

When we talk of a place to visit in Portugal, Porto should be at the top of your list, first, because there are plenty of places and activities to do and, secondly, Porto is a city with lots of interesting facts you should not miss.