Barcelona Landscape

5 Amazing cities Near Barcelona

Barcelona is a lovely city where you can have a relaxing holiday. If you stay in the city and have exhausted most of the beautiful moments, other cities near Barcelona could pique your interest. This piece will take you through five amazing cities near Barcelona. Get ready!

Barcelona Square

Sant Andreu de la Barca

The city is located in Catalonia on the right bank of the Llobregat river. The road distance from Barcelona is 29.2 kilometers which would take you under 30 minutes to get to the city.

You can attend various concerts and shows at the Parc Central and the Teatre Núria Espert in the city. You can visit places with huge cultural significance in the city, such as the 18th-century church bell tower.

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

The city is located in the southwest of Barcelona, and you can get there by train, bus, or personal means. The distance varies depending on the means of transport. It is about 8 Km and could take 27 minutes to get to the city from Barcelona.

In the city, you can visit the lovely Parc de Can Buxeres and the Centre d’art Tecla Sala and experience various artistic designs by famous artists.

Barcelona view sea


There are five ways to get to the city from Barcelona, making it a well-connected area. Getting there by train takes a total of 16 minutes to get there, covering a distance of 10.8 Km. When you get to the city, you can immerse yourself in the city’s culture by visiting the museum, which is in the heart of the ancient Roman city of Baetulo.

You can relax at the beach and enjoy the sea views from the Pont del Petroli. You can also be part of the catalan culture and enjoy a private bicycle tour around the city.


The city is located in the south of the comarca de Vallès Occidental. The distance between the two cities is 18 Km and 27.8 Km by road.

There are a lot of things to do in Sabadell.When you get to the city, you can visit the Parc de Catalunya, a former farmland with a lake and sculptures, making it an ideal place to relax. You can learn about the city’s history by visiting the historical museum and the Casa Batlló, one of the Gaudi designs.


The distance from Barcelona is 17.9 Km via road, and the bus journey will take about 24 minutes to arrive. When you arrive in the city, you can visit the Parque de los Pinetones, a beautiful park where you can have a barbeque with friends as the kids enjoy the playground.

You can also visit La Sagrada Familia, the beautifully built cathedral in the city center. You can also visit Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and enjoy the long underground galleries within the city.

Another city near Barcelona not mentioned in this article is a beach city called Sitges. We devoted a unique article about what to do in Sitges.

Where to stay in Barcelona

After touring the surrounding cities of Barcelona, it’s important to visit the hotels in Barcelona and unwind.

In this respect, the Hotel Catalonia Castellnou presents a wonderful opportunity for visitors who want to spend their days at a three-star rated hotel with amazing service and conveniently located within Barcelona.

Room in Catalonia Castellnou Hotel

This hotel is ideal for families because it’s located in the Tres Torres residential areas of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. The hotel is 15 minutes away by train from downtown Barcelona, and the CampNou is only 2 Km away. It’s located near excellent medical centers and visitors will find it easily accessible from the city center.

It is a few minutes walk from the Avinguda Diagonal, one of Barcelona’s most famous streets with great shopping centers such as the Inglés department store, L’Illa Diagonal, and Pedralbes Center. Around the hotel, you will find some Mediterranean restaurants where you can relax and enjoy the amazing cuisines.

Barcelona is a city blessed with beautiful surrounding cities and monuments to visit. It is a city visitors love and keep returning to because they have hardly exhausted Barcelona’s attractions. We hope you have fun with the five awesome cities in Barcelona we have mentioned in this article.