Salamanca Cathedral

8 Interesting Facts About Salamanca

Salamanca is a popular tourist destination in the heart of Spain. The city lies at an elevation of 2552 feet above sea level and is just two hours drive from Madrid. It is a UNESCO World Heritage city with one of the most vibrant cultures in Spain and across Spain.

Cloister of Las Dueñas, in Salamanca

From its exciting past to its modern-day charm, there are so many reasons for you to visit the city. In this article, you will learn eight interesting facts about the city.

Salamanca is the Cultural Capital of Castilla y Leon

Salamanca is a crucial historical-architectural heritage. Some of the aspects that make it stand out include the Casa de las Conchas, the Plaza Mayor, the Convento de San Esteban, the Old and New Cathedral, as well as the Escuelas Mayores. This makes it the cultural capital of Castilla y Leon.

It is The Home to the Universidad de Salamanca

Salamanca University is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest in Europe. It was built in 1218 and is more than 800 years old today. The university currently teaches approximately 30,000 students and has been dubbed the ‘Oxford of Spain’. It is a must-visit site while exploring Salamanca.

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It is a Meat Town

Salamanca is hugely a meat town. This doesn’t mean that an herbivore will not find something to eat. However, the local cuisine here leans more heavily on the meat. Meat lovers can explore the classic restaurants serving various types of meat, including wood-roasted pigs, milk-fed lamb, and steaks.

The City is known as La Dorada

Salamanca is known as the Golden City due to its flow in the sandstone buildings. Its vibrant nightlife makes it better, as when the sun goes down, the streetlights light up, and the city reawakens once more. The glow is excellent and makes Salamanca one of the best-lit cities in Europe. You get to continue with your exploration even at night.

Hornazo is the Star Dish

Hornazo is a typical dish in Salamanca. It is stuffed with pork loin, chorizo, and hard-boiled eggs. Usually, it is eaten at the ‘Lunes de Aguas’ festival, which happens on Easter Monday every year. The bread comes with beautiful decorations with different combinations, including cooked ham or black pudding. You can pair it with some cheese and your favorite wine.

It Has Incredible Panoramic Views

Besides its honey-coloured sandstones, there are various heights where you get panoramic views while at Salamanca. One of the best places to experience this is the Sierra de Candelario Park at the Calvitero, rising above 2400 meters above sea level. Another is the Scala Coeli, which has 166 steps and leads you to the top of the church so you can get excellent panoramic views over the city’s rooftops.

It is a City for a Good Tapeo

When looking for a good old-fashioned tapeo, Salamanca is your best option. Tapeo is a moveable feast where you get small bites and drinks to your fill. If you are looking for where the wealthy hang out for tapeo, check around Plaza Mayor. If you want a younger, livelier, and more affordable crowd, check out Calle Van Dyck.

UNESCO World Heritage City

World Heritage sites are usually cultural or natural sites of outstanding universal value. In 1988, Salamanca was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Ten years later, there was an agreement by the Ministers of Culture of the European Union, and Salamanca became the European Capital for Culture in 2002.

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Where to Stay in Salamanca

There are so many hotels in Salamanca, but none of them compares to the grandeur of the four-star Catalonia Plaza Mayor Salamanca

It is located at the heart of Salamanca and has various amenities, including a Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, and the convenience you need to traverse the city. 

Catalonia Plaza Mayor Salamanca Superior Bedroom

The location allows you to take sights such as the Plaza Mayor, the two cathedrals, The River Tormes, and the San Esteban Convent as it is only 2 minutes away. 

While on foot, you get to visit the essentials of Salamanca including the Romes River, the two cathedrals (old and new), the University of Salamanca, and the Casa de las Concha.

Evidently, Salamanca is a must-visit destination. Being a UNESCO World Heritage City, it has a lot of cultural and historical attractions you can visit and learn from. Plan your visit today and explore the beauty of Salamanca as you prove the eight facts about Salamanca true.