Ciutadella Port in Menorca

Ciutadella or Mahón: Which city should you visit?

Choosing a holiday destination is challenging because of the amount of details you must take into account. Mahón and Ciutadella are two incredible locations; choosing between them requires you to know what you will find in the towns. This article will show you what Mahón and Ciutadella have to offer to make sure you make an informed choice.

Building in Mahon which is near the Mercat Del Claustre Del Carme

Also, you do not need to be hosted in these two cities to visit them. If you are staying in Menorca, it is very easy to move there, since the three cities are well-connected and you just need a bus to move from one city to another.


The town is also known as Maó and is the capital of the second-largest city in Menorca. It is on the eastern part of the island and has one of the largest natural harbors. The city has numerous places you should visit and appreciate its history and culture.

Bastión de Sant Roc

It is a historic building built in 1359. It was a gate serving the city by connecting it to the population. It was restored by the Turkish back in 1535, but the walls were later destroyed as the city grew. Today it is a national monument occupied by different citizen entities.

Iglesia de Santa María

The church is undoubtedly the city’s most important religious monument. The church has a beautiful interior, and the roman and baroque elements are combined to form a masterpiece.

Fortaleza de la Mola

The fortress gives visitors a lovely view of the island. From the fortress, you can see the mouth of the port, the north coast, and the island’s east coast. There is a maze of tunnels and a huge gun that has never fired a shot since it was attacked.

Views of Port of Mahon

Menorca Museum

You will discover the island’s history through artifacts stored in the museum. You should visit the museum for your education and research and enjoy the open space for locals and visitors of Menorca.


It is unique and it was the former capital of Menorca. It is located on the western part of the island. The city has its idyllic harbor, which most people prefer because of its historical views. There are amazing bars and restaurants in the city that will give you a proper Mediterranean vibe.

Castillo de San Nicolás

The Spanish built a defense tower to protect the port from pirates. You will learn from the history of the Farragut statue near the defense tower. It is one of the two towers on the island, with the other at Sa Caleta. From the fortress, you can see the lighthouse from the other side of the entrance.

Plaza de la Esplanada

The Plaza de la Esplanada is located at the heart of Mahón. The Plaza has the largest market in the city on Tuesdays, and you can find numerous stalls with clothing, antiques, and gifts.

Plaza de Bourne

It is a glorious place with beautiful views because of the beautiful 19th-century buildings like Palau Torre-Saura and Ajuntament. The obelisk that is located at the center represents the local heroes.

Ciutadella Port

The port is 1,170 meters long. The port has amazing infrastructure despite being small, and it is a multipurpose port. It is a wonderfully lit place at night, and you can enjoy the scenery by taking a stroll or eating at a nearby restaurant.

Center D’Art Ca n’Oliver

It is a museum where visitors can see Spain’s rich art culture. The museum is a 19-century building which belonged to a family that came from the entrepreneurship world.

In these museums you can enjoy temporary exhibitions and other works by numerous artists. The building has got a great artistic and heritage value.

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Where to stay in Menorca

Since it will take you a few days to fully enjoy Mahón or Ciutadella, you need an appropriate hotel in Menorca to stay in and recharge your batteries.

The Catalonia Mirador des Port Hotel is among the best hotels in Menorca. The hotel is located near Mahón historic center. If you love beautiful views, you will love this hotel. During the day, there is a gorgeous view of the port, and at night you can see the calm Mediterranean sea.

Mirador des Port Hotel Double Room

This four-star hotel is ten minutes from the museum and the center of Mahón. Visitors can easily access Vilanova park from the hotel and access the beach after hiring Catalonia car services.

If you want to choose between Mahón and Ciutadella, the choice would be difficult because both locations are dream destinations for numerous tourists. The best way would be to book a hotel room and tour Menorca island during your stay.