Menorca White Town

The 6 best places to stay in Menorca

Have you been dreaming of visiting and staying in Menorca? Well, you are not alone. Most people dream of visiting it since Menorca has got really beautiful seaside towns, historical sites, and perfect weather. It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and has one of the world’s second-largest natural harbors. In this article we’ll show you the six best places to stay in Menorca, so start dreaming.

Mirador des Port Hotel in Catalonia

Punta Prima

This is among the coolest villages in Menorca. It is located on the southeast part of the island and is less than 20-minute drive from the airport. Being a resort town, it is a great place to stay with friends and family. It has an exciting beach area where you can enjoy morning walks and evenings with your loved ones.

While the beach and clear waters are among the most popular reasons why people stay here, the atmosphere is also quite friendly and relaxed. Your children can enjoy the swings, slides, and other cool activities living here. Whether for a month or a year, you’ll be sure to have fun.


This is among the most beautiful islands in Menorca, with natural beauty and a perfect atmosphere for relaxing and having quality time. The town is approximately eight miles by car from the airport.

Binibeca in Menorca

The streets are white and have a labyrinth theme, giving you one of the most photogenic sceneries in Spain. Its beaches are equally exciting and very comfortable even with children, as they have a shallow depth.

Cala en Porter

This well-known area beach is at the southern end of Menorca and is only 11.9 kilometres from Mahon Airport by car. It is a resort town with more than 3km of beach area where you will love staying. Most people here praised it for its lively beach with cliffs and white-washed houses.

Besides the beach, the resort town has incredible nightlife where you will listen to live music as you sample the exquisite Spanish cuisines and drinks. If you are looking for a place in Menorca that will be relaxing and enjoyable, this is the perfect place.

Son Bou

If you love water sports, then this is the place for you. It is only 20.4 kilometers by car from Mahon Airport, and the town is famous for kayaking, scuba diving, boat tours, and general sailing.

While in this town, you get to see the whole island and take the best photos, especially at sunset. Families with children will enjoy the sunbeds and the commercial center with restaurants and drinking joints.

Santo Tomás

Located 27.3 kilometers by road from Mahon Airport, this small resort town has three thin white sandy beaches (San Adeodato beach, Binigaus and Santo Tomas beach), ideal for a beach lover. These beaches are child-friendly hence perfect for those with young families and couples.

While in this town, visitors can opt to stay in private villas or hotels, depending on preference. If you love morning walks along the sea, choose a facility with a seafront.

Cala Galdana

Just 36.5 kilometers from Mahon Airport by car, this city is designed for tourists. It has a beautiful bay with a pine forest appearing in its rear. From Galdana, you have access to Cala Macarella, Turqueta, and Cala Mitjana.

Cala Galdana in Menorca

The place has white golden sandy beaches with clear blue waters, and you can engage in beach activities such as paddle boating and kayaking.

Where to Stay in Menorca

Menorca is among the most beautiful Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. While there are many hotels in Menorca, none can get to the standards of Catalonia Mirador des Port Hotel.

Located at the heart of Mahon, the hotel gives you access to all the beaches surrounding Menorca, historical sites, and restaurants. It also allows you the most beautiful views to the port given that it stands right on the waterfront.

Mirador des Port Hotel in Catalonia

Being a Catalonia & Resorts four-star hotel, it is suitable for both adults and kids (even, you can book activities for kids). You can be sure to get the best service and activities to make the most of Mahón and Menorca.

As you can see, Menorca is an ideal holiday destination with various places to suit your preferences. From luxury beaches to charming boutique experiences, the above gives you the best six places to stay on this Balearic island.