Tenerife Island

Romantic things to do in Tenerife for couples

Romantic getaways are an unmatched way of reigniting romance and deepening your intimacy as a couple. But nothing beats the joy of the refreshing encounters and unforgettable memories created in a paradisiacal destination like Tenerife. This Spanish Island features scenic beaches, beautiful terrains, vibrant nightlife, and everything you need to unwind with your significant other.

Sunset in Tenerife

Tenerife attracts thousands of tourists every year, with couples making the most out of the island. If you have Tenerife as your preferred romantic getaway but need help planning a proper itinerary, this guide will help you get started.

Here are the top romantic things for couples to do in Tenerife.

Walk through one of the botanical gardens

The botanical gardens of Tenerife are enchanting, marked with remarkable landscapes and a local floral terrace. Experience the tranquility of nature by exploring diverse plant species and the incredible wonders of mother nature.

Holding hands while walking down the spectacular display of foliage, trees, flowers, and color along the garden’s pathways is a memorable delight.

You can explore either or all of the botanical gardens, including Puerto de la Cruz, Sitio Litre, and Palmetum Santa Cruz de Tenerife gardens. While each garden varies in size, diversity, and features, walking through any of them will offer the peaceful and romantic retreat you need for your getaway.

Enjoy Tenerife natural swimming pools

Tenerife’s natural pools are a hidden gem in the island’s coastal landscape. The pools offer a blend of clear waters, dramatic terrain, and undisrupted nature, making them a perfect pick for a romantic dive.

Plenty of natural swimming pools are diffused throughout the island, providing privacy and an opportunity for a warm dip with your partner. From Charco del Tancon and Charco del Chocos to El Pris Beach natural swimming pool to Charco de la Laja, there are enough natural pools to give you a wondrous exploration in undisturbed sea waters.

Visit Playa del Bollullo

If you are looking to have a beach experience away from masses of local and international tourists, the magnificent Playa El Bollullo beach will serve you right. The beach was originally formed from volcanic activity, giving it a black surface.

Unlike most beaches, the sandy beach of Playa El Bollullo is hidden in a cove that receives a balanced flow of sea waters. As a result, the black beach has become an enchanting attraction to tourists looking to escape the city’s bustling activities.

See dolphins and whales from Tenerife beaches

Tenerife beaches make a picturesque spot for couples to enjoy the sighting of swimming dolphins and whales. While paddling on beaches with whales and dolphins is not allowed, you can hop into a catamaran – a watercraft built with a viewing deck to give you the best catch of sight of these majestic creatures.


The star-studded sky of Tenerife has become a thrilling setting for romantic couples. Places like the Teide National Park provide an extraordinary view of stars for your star-gazing encounter. After sunset, Tenerife experiences constellations of stars, rekindling an unmatched astronomical vibe among the viewers.


To finish your romantic getaway, we have prepared a guide on what to eat in Tenerife to excel your experience with your loved one. 

Where to Stay in Tenerife

When you have had enough of fancying Tenerife’s majestic sites, beaches, and sunbathing, you might want a quiet and calming place to enjoy your meal and sleep peacefully. Tenerife is surrounded by a range of luxurious hotels with limitless services to accommodate visiting couples.

This 4-Star Catalonia Las Vegas is one of the hotels in Tenerife you can find. Las Vegas is perfectly positioned at the center of Puerto de la Cruz, next to the famous Lago Martiánez leisure complex, giving you an incredible view of the city and its sceneries, including the Teide Volcano and the Atlantic Ocean.

Catalonia Las Vegas Hotel

Even more, you can enjoy the swimming pool of the hotel, with a pool bar. It is no wonder why Tenerife has become a major tourist attraction and a perfect getaway for global lovebirds. From enjoying a swim in natural pools and star-gazing to walking through enchanting botanical gardens, there is no limit to the romantic things to do in Tenerife. Restaurants like Catalonia LasVegas are also tailored to help your day’s hustle, completing your mission to enjoy each other’s company.