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The Best 10 Free Museums to Visit in Brussels

Brussels is one of the cities with the most impressive historical and architectural landmarks and for that reason you can find a guide with helpful tips to visit Brussels in our blog. It has more than 100 museums, and some of them have made the UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ list. If you are a history lover looking to explore the city, the free museums are a great place to start. in the same way we previously talked about the most well-known Brussels markets that should be visited, here are the best ten free museums to visit in Brussels.

Museum in Brussels

BIP Expo

This expo is the home to the ‘Experience Brussels’ exhibition and gives you a perfect idea of the art, history, and culinary traditions in all 19 communes.

La Hall Saint Gery

These halls are a perfect architectural example of the public markets in Brussels during the 19th century. With urban planning, urban renewal and themes, you will surely have fun learning about the city’s past activities.

Marc Sleen Museum

This museum focuses on Sleen. Here, you will find Marc’s work presented together with the new generations of comic artists who have followed in his footsteps.


As the name suggests, this museum tour leads you into the European Parliament. You will learn about the European cooperation and how the European Parliament works. The best thing is that you will have materials from the European Union’s 24 official languages.

Flemish Parliament Visitor Centre

This visitor center has films and an audio tour to help you understand the history of the parliament. Besides listening and learning how the parliament operates, you will also explore the parliament building. Don’t forget to take photos at the Dome Room.

Printing Museum

The museum has a range of European materials, from printing presses to equipment. Its major highlight is the evolution from the Industrial Revolution to the computer era. You travel from the 18th century to 1980.

House of European History

This exhibition guides you through European history. It begins with Europe’s origins and evolution to war descent. After this, you will learn how and why Europe works for a better life.

Belfius Art Collection

This art collection or gallery sits at the top of the Belfius Tower and will showcase some of the most beautiful works of Belgian art. From the Flemish works to the modern artists, it is a great place to be during your visit.

Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History

If you want to learn about military history, this is where you should be. It sits in the Cinquantenaire Park and traces military history for over ten centuries. It has weaponry, uniforms, and warplanes all over.

Archives and Museum of Flemish Life in Brussels

These archives have priceless material that directly relates to the events of the cultural emancipation in Brussels. You will learn about the Flemish Theatre’s establishment and the Flanders from the 19th and 20th centuries.
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Where to Stay in Brussels

Being a tourist destination, there is no shortage of hotels and accommodation options. While there are many hotels in Brussels, none comes close to Catalonia Brussels. The hotel sits at the heart of the Art Nouveau district, famous for its beautiful architecture.
It is also 10 minutes by private car from the Grand Place. If you intend to use public transportation, you can expect it to be at least 25 minutes. Besides access to the hotels, you will also see the European Quarter, where the European Parliament and the European Council are situated.

Catalonia Brussels Double Room

You can also walk from the hotel to Avenue Louise, which is the main shopping area. Similarly, it’s just a short walking distance from the huge Bois de la Chambre park. At the center of this park is the famous Chalet Robinson. With a Gaudi room and an exciting Gastrobar, this four-star hotel is your ideal place to stay during your city exploration adventure.

And there you have it! As you can see, all the above museums have free entry to visitors. Take advantage of this while visiting the best Brussels museums and learn more about Belgian culture and history.