Sant Jordi Roses

The Legend of Sant Jordi

On April 23rd, the Catalan calendar celebrates a singulart fact about Barcelona, Sant Jordi, one of the most famous and most important days. This day will attract your eyes as you walk in the delightful April weather, and see Barcelona streets filled with old books and roses. Jordi is George in English. 

Below is a detailed discussion of the Legend of Sant Jordi, showing what happened, where and how the day is celebrated. Let ‘s dive in. 

Casa Batlló in Barcelona

What is the Story of Sant Jordi?

The legend states that there once dwelled a deadly dragon in the Montblanc village located in the southwest part of Barcelona. The dragon posed the greatest threat to the population, leaving everyone sad and angry. To make the dragon calmer and less terrifying, the villages gave it one animal per day.

It wasn’t long until the dragon finished all the animals in the village, yet its hunger remained unsated. The dragon started feeding on villagers to quench the thirst for blood and flesh. The people came together and decided to offer one individual selected at random to prevent a big dragon massacre.

The king tried his best to find someone strong enough to kill the dragon, but the story always ends the same: another victim for the dragon. Then came a sad day within the king’s palace and the princess’s name was drawn. Even though it was sad for the king, he had to give her daughter to the dragon.

Just before the dragon ate the princess, Sant Jordi, a strong, brave and handsome knight, rode on a white horse toward the beast and slayed it with his spear. The princess was saved and from the blood of the dragon, the reddest rose flower bloomed. Sant Jordi plucked a rose and gave it to the princess to show his love for her. Villagers were happy and they lived happily ever after.

What Happens on Sant Jordi?

Sant Jordi’s gesture of giving the princes roses contributed majorly to the tradition where men give roses to their loved ones, today. Traditionally, men gave roses to their wives and girlfriends, but now mothers and sisters are included.

It is too “traditional” in the 21st century for this act, but people in Barcelona give books and roses to whomever they choose regardless of gender, relationship and social construction. Thousands of books and roses are sold to celebrate Sant Jordi’s Day.

The roses were traditionally supposed to be red, but now they are sold in different colors and at different prices. The tradition dictates the roses to come with a Catalan Flag. 

Where is Sant Jordi Celebrated?

Catalonia’s culture is made up of several traditions, from food and drinks to architecture and festivals, forming a Catalonia lifestyle. However, every year, men and women of Catalonia participate in a traditional festival on 23rd April. Women receive roses from men in Catalonia as a symbol of love and to remember the bravery of Sant Jordi.

Where to Stay in Barcelona

Are you celebrating Sant Jordi in Catalonia? When it comes to accommodation while in Catalonia, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs. There are many hotels in Barcelona to choose from. At the top of the list is Catalonia Roma. This 3-star hotel is conveniently located close to Barcelona Sants Station, less than 10-minute walk.

Its excellent connectivity to the city through public transport (train and bus) makes it easy to reach major attractions and venues such as the Montjuïc fountains and Plaça Catalunya. The hotel is next to the biggest business area of Plaza España, located at the intersection of Fira de Barcelona and Maria Cristina Avenue.

Catalonia Roma Junior Suite Room

Art lovers will find the Fundació Joan Miró, the CaixaForum museum and the MNAC amusing. The Fountains of Montjuïc will illuminate your night with a beautiful light show and water. You can take a stroll in the Las Arenas shopping center and Parc de Joan Miro and Parc de l’Espanya industrial areas.

Having gained a deep insight of the Sant Jordi Legend, it’s only natural to seek out the nicest, most comfortable and pleasant place in the city to elevate your experience. Beyond its delightful drinks, mouth-watering food, beautiful architectural designs and vibrant festivals, the city has much more to offer.