Barcelona city Overview

10 Interesting Facts About Barcelona

Barcelona is a gothic and modernist destination on the Mediterranean Sea. It is popular for its cosmopolitan yet cool character, especially for history lovers. Others call it an architectural wonderland filled with sights and attractions for anyone visiting the Catalan capital, as we told you when we talked about the top Gaudí sites.

Batlló House by Gaudí in Barcelona

Here are 10 interesting facts about Barcelona you probably are reading for the first time.

Barcelona has two official languages

Even though it is located in Spain, Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital. It has two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. While most people assume that Catalan is a dialect, it is not. It is a distinct language.

It is the only City awarded the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture

Since 1848, this medal has been awarded every year. Barcelona won this award in 1999 and has been the first and only city to get this honor. No wonder it is dubbed the ‘architectural wonderland’.

It is home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Barcelona stands out as the home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of these 9, 7 are Gaudi’s, making it a bigger mystery. While 9 may seem small, it is huge for a city.

Thanks to Barcelona we have a World Book Day

St Georges Day, or La Diada de San Jordi, is among the most celebrated festivals in Barcelona. It falls on April 23rd and aims to celebrate love and literacy. In 1995, UNESCO was inspired and declared it the World Book and Copyright Day.

The Sagrada Familia has taken longer to complete than the Egyptian Pyramids

The construction of Sagrada Familia began in 1882 and hasn’t been completed to date. This has been longer than it took the Egyptian pyramids to complete, as they took 10 to 20 years using ancient tools.

Sagrada Familia Church

It has the largest football stadium in Europe

Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe, with a capacity of 99,354 people. It is the home ground for FC Barcelona, among the most celebrated football clubs. What you didn’t know is that the club is owned by fans with more than 140,000 members. 

It was offered the Eiffel Tower before Paris

According to rumors, Barcelona was offered the chance to build the Eiffel Tower before Paris. Gustave Eiffel, together with his team, made a bid for this in 1888, but it was met with rejection.

It is full of air raid shelters

Following the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939, the city has more than 1400 bomb shelters and many more in the neighboring areas.

It is the biggest city of the Mediterranean sea

Barcelona is the capital of the Mediterranean. The city accommodates more than 5 million people and hosts millions of visitors every year.

La Rambla is not only a street but five

La Rambla in Barcelona is among the most famous streets in the city. While most people think of it as just one street, it combines 5 boulevards, making one long promenade. They include: Rambla de Canaletes, Rambla dels Estudis, Rambla de Sant Josep, Rambla dels Caputxins, and Rambla de Santa Mònica. It begins from Plaça Catalunya to the Columbus Statue.

Where to stay in Barcelona

While the city has many accommodation options, none of the hotels in Barcelona beat Catalonia Park Putxet. It is located on the upper side of the city in a cool residential neighborhood and close to Park Güell. 

From here, it is only 2 minutes walking distance from Parc del Turó del Putxet and the Gracia neighborhood. With public transportation accessible from the hotel, you can easily explore the city’s attractions, including Passeig de Gracia, Plaça Catalunya, and les Rambles.

Catalonia Park Putxet Hotel Superior Room

Being a Catalonia hotel, visitors expect state-of-the-art services and facilities, including an urban pool and a well-accessible rooftop. Don’t miss out on the breakfast buffet during your stay!

As you can see, Barcelona is an exciting city to explore. If not for its culture and architectural wonder, you can always book your trip and sample the Spanish cuisines and drinks. Book your trip today and confirm all the interesting facts about Barcelona as told above!