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Top 10 best movies shot in Barcelona

You can check the below list to know 10 of the best movies shot in this amazing city.

10 best movies shot in Barcelona

All about my mother

This is a 1999 movie by Almodovar. The filmmaker took advantage of the iconic nature of this city to bring out the comedy in the movie and support his female universe vision. The movie is set around one of the innovative buildings to symbolize Catalan modernism (Palau de la Musica).


It is a powerful horror film of 2007 by Jaume Balagueró. It is among the top and most surprising films in Spanish cinema. The movie took place in Rambla de Catalunya, building number 34.


This is a 2010 movie directed by a popular director and a winner of two Oscar awards for Birdman and Revenant: Alejandro González de Iñárritu. The movie brings something new to the picture than what is described in other movies in this list. It shows the miseries and marginal neighborhoods of this beautiful city.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

It is a 2008 film directed by Woody Allen. Woody chose the airport, Parc de la Ciutadella, the Ramblas, Park Güell and Sagrada Familia as the fight scenes. He captured the most emblematic places, like the magnificent view of the whole city from Tibidabo.

In the city

Cesc Gay produced it in 2003. The movie is about interior designs, trendy restaurants, apartments, and studios. After watching this movie, you will get a glimpse of the real lives of three middle-class couples and the baffling Sofia.

The passenger

It is a 1975 film by an Italian director, Michelangelo Antonioni. It shows a great image of what the city would have been before the 1995 Olympic Games. One can see Ramblas and the unkempt pedrera.


It was produced in 1994 by Whit Stillman. The movie shows the intelligence and humor you get in this city from the 80s. His mode of delivery is splendid, with beautiful shots of the great city.

The cheetah Girls 2

The movie was directed by Kenny Ortega and runs for 97 minutes. The movie is all about the four cheetah girls who were accepted to perform in this great city at a music festival. It is a musical film.


The name can make many people think it was not filmed in this amazing place, but it was set in both places. It is a 2018 movie directed by Alex Reichenbach. Although the film doesn’t feature much of the city, it can bring out the holiday vibes in it.

Barcelona: A love untold

It is a Philippine 2016 drama show that uses two characters in this city to bring out the film’s romantic plot. The film is too obvious, but the best thing about it is how the characters grow in love with the city. It boasts a sense of wonderment in this city.

Where to stay in Barcelona

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