Reichstag Parliament in Berlin

Visit these 10 Berlin historical and famous sites

Berlin stands out as the European Union’s most populated city. It is also a favorite destination for its artistic, social, and historic hub. Since it was under the rule of various authorities, there are several historical monuments and sites that you can see while visiting. Here are the ten you mustn’t miss during your exploration.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

This is the most famous landmark in Berlin. It is a Romanesque structure that has been modeled on the gateway to the Acropolis in Athens. It stands at the heart of the city and symbolizes the German capital. When visiting, pay attention to the carvings and the dramatic image of the Roman goddess, Victoria.


This building is a historic legislative government building and a fusion of the initial 19th-century building that was damaged by fire in 1993 and bombing in WW2. It underwent a restoration that saw it completed in 1999. During the visit, you can explore the roof terrace and dome.
The building is located in the center of Berlin, so visiting it is one of the things you can do in Mitte.

Berlin Wall

The wall is a popular attraction that serves as an emblem of the Cold War’s conflict. It is 87 miles long and divides East and West Berlin. While the wall fell in 1989, some sections of the walls exist and offer you a perfect view into the olden days.

Berliner Dom

The Dom is Berlin’s largest Protestant church. Built in the 20th century, the Cathedral was erected during Kaiser Wilhelm II’s reign. With a stunning dome, visitors get to examine it and learn how people from 1894 to 1905 lived.

Holocaust Memorial

This memorial is probably the saddest site on our list. It is a 19000 square-meter granite labyrinth that aims to remember the millions of European Jews who lost their lives to the Nazis. If you have read and got fascinated by the Nazi story, this is a great place to know more.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The church was initially built in the 1890s and was consecrated to Kaiser Wilhelm I by his grandson. Today, it is a visitor’s destination combining Romanesque and modern designs. While it appears strange from the outside, the church inside is beautifully done with glass walls.

Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial

The memorial tells a captivating story of the Stasi prison. It has more than 400 exhibits showing how hostile the prison was. During this time, the Stasi served as an operational psychological prison for those who were against the state. The aim was to damage their mental health.

Checkpoint Charlie

Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War and represented a separation between the East and West. It came from the NATO phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie). It was the third checkpoint by the Allies in Berlin. By visiting it, you get to learn more and relive the moments.


This bunker is part of a bunker complex that Adolf Hitler built between 1936 and 1944. Popularly known as Hitler’s bunker, he used it towards the end of WW2. While most parts were destroyed in the reconstruction of the city, some corridors are open to visitors.

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And there you have it! The above are the most famous historical sites that you can visit while in the city. Whether you are traveling as a group, with your family, or even solo, Berlin is the perfect choice for your European vacation. Do not miss having a go at Berlin dishes. With a vibrant nightlife and plenty of daytime activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice.