landscape of sky and sea in tenerife, one of the canary islands

What is the Best Time to Visit Canary Islands?

The answer given to “what is the best time to visit Canary Islands” depends on the reason and time of your visit. If you visit them to escape from the winter back home, surfing, sunbathing or hiking, there are specific times of the year for each of these occasions. Every month of the year is the best for specific reasons.


The Weather in Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are popular destinations in Europe, thanks to their unique climate. In contrast to other travel destinations, you have a high season in both winter and summer; winter is for mature visitors escaping from the cold weather, while summer is for family holidays.


small waves crashing against rocks in canarias

Summer in Canary Islands

It falls between June and September, witnessing the warmest climate on the Islands. Luckily, the temperatures are bearable due to the ocean’s cooling effect. For this reason, families make the most of the warm temperatures to visit the Canary Islands and enjoy the white sand beaches

And, in case you loved risky activities, you can also go scuba diving at the same time you enjoy the sea landscapes. Even more: you can take up surf sports for beginners in Tenerife

Also, staying healthy is easy if you spend your holidays in Canary Islands: there are multiple places to go hiking. 

Winter in Canary Islands

Winter is really special in the islands. In that season, whereas most Spain is facing a hard and cold winter, weather in Canary Islands is not so cold and extreme.

Winter starts in November and finishes in March, being January the coldest month. But, attention: temperatures in Tenerife go as high as 21ºC even in the coldest month. If you want to live one of the warmest winters in the world, your will definitely love Canary Islands.  

Another singularity in Canarias is the fact that, since there are different islands in the archipelago, you can experience different temperatures and climates in the winter. 

There are islands which are warmer and cosy than others, such as Fuerteventura, whose average temperature is 18 degrees in winter. 

When is the High Season in the Canary Islands?

By far the best time to visit and enjoy the Canary Islands is from April to September. It welcomes more people as families flock to the islands to bask in the white sands. However, the unique weather on the Islands makes both winter and summer good periods to visit them.

In the winter, the islands welcome the elderly who are escaping from the cold back home. It might be the coldest months on the Islands, but warm enough to allow to stroll on the beach.


High Season in Tenerife

As the largest among the Canary Islands, Tenerife welcomes visitors throughout the year. June, July and August witness the highest number of visitors, with food, festivals and fanfare renting the air. The week before Easter is the busiest one during summer as Europeans jet in to enjoy the cool weather.

During winter, the southern part of the island is habitable compared to the north. The raging winds of the Atlantic make Northern Tenerife colder, although it doesn’t prevent tourists from coming.

landscape of the beach and a volcano


When is the Low Season in the Canary Islands?

Winter is generally slow in numbers and buzz, except around Christmas and New Year. There is little activity from mid-January to early March, although the beach still has elderly people enjoying the “Swallows.”

Low Season in Tenerife

The average temperature is 20’s, which is still conducive, especially for tourists from Europe. Numbers drastically drop in winter, with February and March as the worst hit. However, bars and hotels in Tenerife do not close.

Where to Stay in Tenerife

Tenerife is at the center of all tourist activities. Several hotels on the island are close to the shoreline, with breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean and easy access to the white-sand beaches.

Catalonia Las Vegas

Catalonia Las Vegas hotel is located off the beach overlooking Martinez Lake at the center of Puerto de la Cruz. Visitors have a beautiful view of Teide Mountain. 

Shot of Catalonia Las Vegas building and the swiming pool














The garden area has the beauty of a wonderful Canary Island patio. If you visit Tenerife during the winter or summer, the hotel offers customized amenities to make your stay enjoyable. In case you want to tour the island, there is a bus stop and a taxi bay near the hotel for easy mobility.

The Canary Island is a shelter in winter for most Europeans. Visitors come to enjoy the temperate climate and white sand beaches. Welcome to the Canary Islands all year long and enjoy the exquisite Spanish hospitality.