Main Square in Seville

What souvenirs to buy in Seville

Travelling is a fun way of creating new memories and doing great things. Tourists tend to take pictures and buy souvenirs to remember the good times.In this article, we will explain to you which souvenirs to buy in Seville.

Sevillian Souvenirs

Cartuja Ceramics

These are handmade exotic earthenware made using innovative and traditional methods. The earthenware would make a great souvenir as it represents Andalusian fine pottery from the Monastery of La Cartuja of Seville. The ceramics are printed with white slabs of flint, decorated with calco varnish, and painted to make a great souvenir.

Convent Sweets

When visiting Seville, many nuns make a living by selling sweets. The sweets are made from recipes from the time of the Romans and Moors. The culture might dissipate because many convents are closing down, but you can buy these sweets to preserve the culture and enjoy a taste of Seville.

Hand-painted fans

The hand-painted hand fans are made of wood painted on the front side. When closed, it is 23cm, and when opened, it is 42cm. The hand fan is called the Abanico, and it is one of the most symbolic items you should purchase as your souvenir. It could match your outfit, and it helps you keep cool during the summer.

Hand Made Sevillian Fans

Orange Blossom Perfume

The perfume is an essential oil of neroli that has hints of lavender and florals. The perfume comes in various scents of orange zest, juicy mandarin, and tart pink grapefruit. You could have one of these perfumes as a souvenir to remind you of the wonderful scents you uncovered in Seville.

Mantillas de encaje

If you love fashion, the lightweight Mantilla should be one of the souvenirs you purchase. They were popular with women in the 17th Century, and they were mostly worn in the warmer regions of Spain. You can add that to your souvenirs and wear it during ceremonies to look unique.

Sherry wine

Drinking wine in Seville is an important activity when visiting the city because it is an important part of the local culture. There’s a variety of wines in Seville, but sherry comes from areas not far from Seville, known as the Sherry Triangle. After tasting the exquisite wines, it’s important to carry a bottle and share it with others as you narrate the wonders of Seville.

Flamenco dresses

The Flamenco dance dress was created for the professional dancer. It represents Spanish dance culture, and once you wear a full skirt with three ruffles at the hemline, you will notice it moves well. You could find some traditional models and buy them to add to your closet.

Of course, Seville is not the only place where you can buy a flamenco dress. You can do it as well in other places of Spain. In this article, we talked about the things you can buy in Spain.

Orange Wine

You may have stumbled on some fine wine while visiting restaurants. The Vino de Naranja wine is sweet and delicious and made for all occasions. The wine is made uniquely by mixing sweet wine and orange peels. Learn about the process and carry a bottle to narrate the experience back home.

Tortas de aceite

You cannot go to Seville and not have Seville’s olive oil biscuits. They are sweet and savory biscuits made with different flavors. The biscuits are a global success story which you cannot avoid buying when in Seville.
In case you were spending these days in Seville, get informed about what to do in Seville in just one day.

Where to stay in Seville

There are several hotels in Seville you could stay in, but the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts stand out in their service delivery. The Catalonia Santa Justa hotel will give you the full Andalusian experience due to its amazing location where you can visit the Cathedral of Seville, the Torre del Oro and the Plaza de España.

Catalonia Santa Justa Premium Room

The hotel is a four-star hotel located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, near the Bell tower of the cathedral where the hotel derives the name Giralda. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the high-speed AVE train station near the commercial city center such as Sierpes street.
When you are done taking in the views in Seville and learning about the culture, it is important to buy a few souvenirs to commemorate your visit. We hope this piece gives you an idea of what souvenirs to buy in Seville.