Beach near Bilbao, in mountains

Best Beaches near Bilbao

Going to the beach for sun and great views is one of the best things about being a tourist. In our blog, we explained what to do in Bilbao for 3 days. Bilbao is a beautiful city within the Basque region, but if you want an escape from the town’s daily routine, there are beaches near Bilbao that you should visit. Read on and find out about the best beaches near Bilbao and choose your favorite among them.

Gaztelugatxe, near Bilbao


The beach is known for its sandy and beautiful beaches where you can enjoy and engage in water sports. It’s 356 meters long and easy to reach by metro since it is 26 kilometers from Bilbao. It is a peaceful beach ideal for families because of the various amenities available for parents and children.

Bakio Beach

The beach is 27 km from Bilbao, and you can connect to the beach by bus. If you love surfing, the beach is ideal for surfers, and if you are out to catch some views, this is one of the best, especially the sunset, as it disappears on the other end of the peak. The beach is also known for its typical wine, which gives you a taste of the Txakoli culture.

Aritzatxu Beach

The beach is located 24.6 km from Bilbao and is known for its coastline bays and crystal turquoise waters. The beach is perfect for relaxation. The shores have a low tide, encouraging visitors to swim and sunbathe. It is a pleasant place to relax; if you drive down from Bilbao, you will find parking at the beach.

Laidatxu Beach

The beach is just 38 km from Bilbao, located in Mundaka’s town center. The beach is one of the best destinations in Spain due to its accessibility from the town center. You can access it by foot once you get to Mundaka. The beach has fine golden sand and an adapted shower for visitors.

La Arena Beach

The beach is 21 km from Bilbao, and it is one of the beaches that has unique landscapes. The sandy beaches co-exist with cliffs, marshes, and forests, creating a beautiful location for families. The beach has dark sand because it is next to the mouth of river Barbadún. People who visit the beach can enjoy water sports such as surfing, canoeing, and beach volleyball

Ereaga Beach

Ereaga is approximately 14 km from Bilbao and runs along the promenade that links Algorta Harbour and the quay at Arrilucea. At the beach, you can engage in activities such as kayaking, surfing, and beach football. There are toilets and showers at the beach, which makes it ideal for your family to have fun and change later before your drive back home.


And beaches are not everything. If you get around Bilbao, visit our guide of beautiful towns near Bilbao and explore its sorroundings. 

Where to stay in Bilbao

After visiting the beaches near Bilbao, you could stay in plenty of hotels in the town. However, if you want the best services, Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao is one of the best hotels in Bilbao. The Catalonia hotels and resorts have some of the best hotels in the world. The branch in Bilbao is a testament to its many branches across cities such as Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, and the Caribbean.

Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao Hotel Room

The hotel is located on the Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro, one of the main streets in Bilbao. The hotel is a walking distance from Euskalduna Palace and a 5-minute walk to Doña Casilda Park and 10 minutes to the Guggenheim Museum. The hotel is near the Ensanche de Abando neighborhood, where you will find one of the best bars and restaurants in Bilbao. The hotel is equipped with EV chargers in their car parks which is convenient for those who have their electric vehicles.

Beaches are wonderful places to be, especially if you want to escape the city. The sound of the waves and the sand beneath your feet is calming. From Bilbao, you will find the discussed beaches a great getaway from the city, so don’t hesitate to drive down to see the best beaches near Bilbao and choose your favorite among them.