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Cultural activities to enjoy in Playa del Carmen

Explore fun and cultural things to do in Playa del Carmen!

Playa del Carmen is one of the most representative places of the Riviera Maya and for this reason, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts invites you to discover this city in a different way from what any tourist would be used to… check out our top 5 best cultural activities to do in Playa del Carmen.

cultural activities

Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is one of the youngest cities with the fastest growing population of all Mexico. Fortunately, all our Resorts are near and you won’t have any transportation problem. Playa del Carmen is known worldwide for its 5th Avenue, a pedestrian street about 4 kilometers long with many shops, clubs, bars and restaurants, offering unlimited fun and ensuring unforgettable experiences!

It is usual to find tourist guides of Playa del Carmen where visitors are invited to know the iconic and most common places of the city such as Señor Frog’s, La Santanera, Coco Bongo or stores like H & M, Sephora, Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret, among others. However, this time beyond invite you to buy things or do usual water and sports activities, we want you to discover five different activities involving art and culture in Playa from Carmen!


These are the 5 best cultural activities to do in Playa del Carmen

 1. 3D Museum Of Wonders Playa del Carmen


This interactive museum is the first of its kind in America, exhibits works by the American artist Kurt Wenner, who worked at NASA and is recognized as the pioneer of painting in 3D on the pavement.

In 3D Museum of Wonders you can admire iconic Renaissance and European Baroque paintings (works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Johannes Vermeer for example), but also you’ll find works with natural and fantastic themes that show landscapes, skyscrapers, buildings and amazing animals like dolphins, horses, dragons guarding castles and even the rabbit of Alice in Wonderland.

Do not forget to bring your camera to take a lot of amazing photos that will arouse the envy of everyone you know, but more importantly, you’ll take home amazing moments that will become an everlasting memory of your trip. Take your time and enjoy every picture, do silly faces and crazy poses. We are confident that you’ll love this option with all your family. 

Take Note…

  • It’s located in Plaza Pelicanos 10th Ave. between 8th and 10th Street Playa del Carmen
  • Open Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm
  • Admission fee: $25usd adult | $20usd children | Special prices for students and elders with current ID everyday and 50% off for Quintana Roo citizens with ID only on Sundays. Kids less than 5 years old enter free.
  • It’s a perfect place for rainy days or when you want to take a break from the beach.
  • Make sure to have your phone fully charged.
  • Parking up to 2 hours free‬

After living this experience, share your moments using #‎3DMuseumOfWonders


cultural activities


2. Cine Club


Trying to fill a vital need regarding diversity and cultural recreation in Playa del Carmen, the Cine Club feature independent quality films in alternative spaces to a common cinema, for example, outdoor places like parks and open fields, but also it offers film screenings at nightclubs and bars to generate a change of perspective in these places.

Also, the Cine Club offers foreign art and documentary films, almost impossible to watch outside Mexico City, which explains why it’s an important generator of culture within the city. If you want a different experience that changes your focus on the places where you can enjoy the seventh art don’t miss the Cine Club; and also, at the end of the movie, you’ll meet special guests who will rise to debates and rounds of questions and answers so the participants can share their perspectives.

Take note…

  • The admission fee is less than $50 pesos per person (often is free).
  • The films are shown from Wednesday to Sunday in the afternoon.
  • Check the billboard through their social media channels.

cultural activities


3. International Theatre Festival of the Riviera Maya


The FIT Riviera Maya was created last year with the intention of promoting the performing arts in the Riviera Maya. Seeking to be a meeting point for the performing arts in the country’s south-east, it has managed to give publicity to different stagings both Mexican and international, strengthening the training of its artists and creators.

In addition to presenting different works of recognized worldwide companies such as “Viaje Inmóvil” (who played last year Othello), this festival offers stagings of high quality selected through public announcements statewide. But this is not all, also offers interesting workshops and seminars open to the public in different parts of the Mexican Caribbean.

Take note…

  • The FIT performs during September.
  • Check their website for more information.
  • Don’t miss their performances to enjoy the best theatre in the Riviera Maya!

cultural activities

4. Rauxa Restaurant & Show


Although Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya have too many choices of night entertainment, is difficult to find a complete show that offers both good food and a high quality show, however, there is a new option that really offers you both: Rauxa Restaurant & Show is located inside Catalonia Royal Tulum Beach Spa & Resort.

The theatre was created specifically for this show that combines the elegance and the seduction of cabaret and burlesque themes, adding the technological innovation of mapping and HD audio.

Rauxa’s dinner menu is exquisite, you’ll find gourmet dishes like duck confit, sea bass and steak Angus that will melt in your mouth. You can also try delicious signature cocktails that incorporate very Mexican and original ingredients such as achiote, Jamaica flower, chilli and mezcal.

The highlights of the show are acrobatic and dance numbers that will immerse you into Raxua’s world, her voice is pure passion and her performance will never stop to make you feel emotion and desire, honoring the meaning of this Catalan word, Rauxa, madness.

The amazing live music is the icing on the cake, the jazz band enlivened the show is undoubtedly talented. They create magic achieving a free atmosphere that will give you goosebumps, playing good jazz require rhythmic quality, flow and intuition and this band manages to gather each of these attributes.

Take note…

  • Rauxa Restaurant & Show is presented from Tuesday to Sunday at Catalonia Royal Tulum
  • Doors will be open at 7:30 pm.
  • Show is from 8pm to 10pm | Rauxa Dj Party until 12am
  • Check prices and promotions on their website and Enjoy the show!

cultural activities


5. Riviera Maya Jazz Festival


To continue with the musical spirit, our last best cultural activities recommendation is the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival presented every year in Playa del Carmen since 2003. This Festival is produced by Fernando Toussaint and it presents outdoor concerts taking place at Playa Mamitas.

The RMJF provides an eclecticism atmosphere that despite having the jazz as a base, looks to mix different genres to give the audience a richer musical experience. The festival lasts three days has presented numerous renowned artists among which have highlighted: Kenny Garrett, Virgil Donati, Frank Gambale, Earth, Wind & Fire, John Scofield, Yellowjackets, Aguamala, The Manhattan Transfer, Al Jarreau, Marcus Miller, Cecilia Toussaint, Resorte, Natalia Lafourcade, Gabriel Espinosa and Hendrik Meurkens.

Something interesting about this festival is that it offers before and after parties events in different locations around Playa del Carmen, don’t forget to check their schedule, therefore, the idea is that music does not stop for even a second during those three days.

Take Note…

  • The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival takes place in Playa Mamitas.
  • Admission is free.
  • Attend wearing comfortable clothes
  • The RMJF takes place at the end of November.

Now you know five alternatives and cultural activities that Playa del Carmen has for you, it’s time you go warming up and preparing your five senses to experience in a unique way this Caribbean city already being felt by more than his 5th avenue and nightlife. Dare yourself to be out of the ordinary and start planning your visit!