Difference between a hotel and resort

Both are suitable facilities for temporary guests. The difference, in most cases, is that what is called Resort usually has additional sports and leisure facilities, framed in a natural environment and that attract the visitor beyond the room. Even so, many hotels already have facilities of this type that allow their own recreation, in many cases, of the best resorts.

But first, we’re going to get into how to best navigate selecting the right lodgings and amenities for your vacation, but first, let’s get into some simple definitions to clear things up.

What is a hotel

A hotel is a place that provides lodgings, or sleeping accommodations, to its patrons. Hotels may or may not provide meals and other services for travellers and other paying guests as well.

Even both words are similar, you should not confuse the word hotel with hostel. There are a lot of differences between hotels and hostels, beginning with the fact that services in a hotel are higher quality.

What is a resort

A resort is a space, similar to a hotel, that offers relaxation and or recreation to its patrons. Resorts will always offer accommodations as well, in which case people might refer to such locations as a “resort hotel.” Basically, the resort meaning is that of a hotel, but just with more accommodations, amenities, and activities!

Some differences between the two

There are other differences between resort and hotel. So, before you go ahead and book your next vacation, take a minute to figure out which setting is best for you and yours. Are you travelling alone? Are travelling as a couple? Or, are you travelling with a family? Always consider who you are going to be with when deciding to book a hotel or a resort destination. While hotels tend to be more suitable for individuals and couples, resorts offer up a lot for children and adolescents. Remember that a hotel is designed for you to sleep, end of story. It is a place for lodgings, a place to accommodate one’s sleep. A hotel may or may not provide meals and other amenities, so always do your research before making a selection you would later regret. Let’s say for example you want to rent a hotel for one night, for business reasons. In this case, you may not require extra amenities like a pool, bar, or other recreational activities.

As mentioned earlier, a resort is best for families. Resorts will often have game rooms, lounges, pools, and sometimes even adjacent theme parks – something for the whole family. What’s great about resorts is that everything tends to be included in the initial purchase. This means that guests at a resort do not need to carry around their wallet; as food, activities, and alcohol pricing tends to be arranged into your inclusive package pricing when booking your stay ahead of time.

Another difference between the two is where they tend to be located. Now this is a generalization, but hotels tend to be positioned in urban areas, encouraging tourists and visitors to check out the sights and sounds of the clustered city-scape. While resorts tend to be in rural settings, encouraging tourists and visitors to check out the beach, forest, or mountain environment.

Types of hotels

There are many different types of hotels. Sometimes the term “lodgings” will suffice for some travellers. If you’re just looking for a place to rest your head, then a hostel or motel might be what you’re looking for. A hostel is a shared environment, where prices are usually very cheap, but privacy is compromised. Motels are specifically for motor tourists as their room is adjacent to where they park their car. Granted, there are many different types of hotels for many different types of people. A quick search on the “5-star” rating will reveal which hotel is best for you and your wallet.

Types of resorts

Resorts come in all shapes and sizes. It’s always good to remember to choose a resort that has recreational activities specific to its environment. Some resorts are beside the beach, others in the centre of the woods, and others are kind of like a chateau, in the middle of mountains, offering ski and snowboard activities.  A resort hotel combines the best of both worlds.

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