Business hotels are growing. These provide multiple ideal amenities for business travellers that they need to be connected all the time.

What are amenities?

Business hotels are growing. These provide multiple ideal amenities for business travellers that they need to be connected all the time.

Nowadays, there are a lot of hotels worldwide that offer lots of services and facilities to pamper their guests and travelers, whether they are business travelers or vacation ones. Also, there are new types of accommodation that compete directly against hotels. For that reason, hotel amenities are a useful and necessary tool to stand out and attract new guests and become loyal guests.

But, how can a hotel satisfy guests’ needs while making the experience of the accommodation memorable?

A good way to make the correct choice when offering amenities to guests is to put in the guests shoes and take their necessities, lifestyle, likes and dislikes seriously: What do they worry about when traveling? What amenities could make them feel totally satisfied? What amenities can make the difference during a hotel stay? In other words, what amenities can enhance their guest experience?

A good way to make clients happy is to give them an unforgettable welcome. In Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, as a welcome gift, you are offered a welcome drink and a bottle of water to those who book through the web. There is also the possibility of early check in and late check out through Catalonia hotels website, always based on availability. There are even amenities of a higher category, where customers enjoy greater comforts than in the normal version.

In this article, we will explain what amenities are and show you examples of amenities including those depending on the type of customer. These amenities are the ones which today’s travelers desire, since they are related to their concerns and likes.

What are hotel amenities?

Generally speaking, amenities go far from hotel typical facilities (coffee machine in the bedroom, high-speed broadband, minibar or chocolates). Amenities are more guest-centered and personalized.

Hotel amenities are hotel facilities that outstand other ones which are much more basic, such as a coffee machine in the bedroom. They are extras, or premium services, provided by the hotel and vary depending on the type of hotel you are staying in.

The main aim of providing amenities to guests is to make their experience magnificent. From the point of view of the traveler, amenities level up the experience. From the perspective of the hotel chain, amenities let it increase the budget and also are part of the marketing strategy to attract more clients.

Do amenities mean free in hotels?

Normally, amenities are provided at no extra cost, they are only thought to make the guest stay more comfortable.

In the article below, we will cover the different types of hotel amenities that exist.

Hotel room amenities

When resting, guests hope to enjoy the resting experience as much as they can. The quality of the room amenities can make-break the customer experience and room amenities go far from a well tidied-up bedroom. Here, you can find a list of common hotel amenities.

Bedroom amenities

The amenities listed above are the basic ones. When booking, most guests expect to have a cleaned and well-kept bedroom. These amenities won’t outstand your property, but they are the minimals that guests are looking forward to.

We’ll start by commenting those related to the comfortability of the stay:

  • Kitchen facilities, like: fridge, coffee maker and microwave
  • Complimentary water
  • TV with cable
  • Ironing capabilities
  • Telephone
  • Hangers
  • Luggages storage
  • Air conditioning
  • Minibar

Bathroom amenities

Also, guests expect to have some extras related to self-care in order to make their accommodation and stay in the destiny more satisfying.

  • Hair Dryer
  • Essentially kit, (toiletries), like: soap, shampoo, body milk, conditioner…
  • Towels
  • Combs
  • Bathrobes
  • Slippers

Outside the bedroom

  • Dining options
  • Recreational activities
  • Swimming pool
  • Parking

Outside the bedroom

Staying at a hotel is not the same as staying in the bedroom. When in the hotel, travelers want to be cared for every moment and feel free to do pleasant things. For that reason, these are the amenities that a guest expect from a hotel when they are not resting in the bedroom:

  • Dining options. Of course, it is more comfortable to have dinner in the hotel rather than to look for a restaurant and guests will appreciate delicious food.
  • Recreational activities. These activities are very common on cruises, but they are present in hotels as well. Recreational activities such as reading or dancing enhance the experience of staying in a hotel.
  • Swimming pool. Related to recreational activities as well, a swimming pool is a good way to refresh in summer and also to chill out, even more if it is in an exterior terrace.
  • Free parking. Guests expect to park their cars in a free parking area included in the hotel fee. If they see that they have to pay for the parking, they will prefer another option to stay in, so a parking included in the price is another amenity clients are expecting.
  • High speed and free wi-fi. Nowadays, guests want to upload their holiday photos at the moment, so be connected inside the bedroom and also outside, so a high wi-fi connection is essential.
  • Charging stations. Since currently travelers own lots of devices and travel with mobile phones, they need to stay connected and keep them charged. International travelers must be taken into account, since the hotel may have to add universal sockets.

Normally, travelers charge their devices at night, before sleeping, so it is very important to have a desk next to the bed of the guest, so that they can put their device in some place.

  • Gym or fitness center. Today, more people take their self-care more seriously than ever and, for that reason, it is important to include a gym among the amenities of the hotel. If they do exercise, they prefer to do it in the hotel and not look for and walk to a nearby fitness center.

Creative and luxury amenities

These unique amenities will outstand the experience inside the hotel and make a wow effect on guests.

  • Mobile check in. A mobile check-in is an eco-friendly solution when checking into the hotel, since papers are not required and the use of technology is enough to complete the process.

Mobile check-in aims to make the check-in process faster, which is better for the guest. Also, this process is an advantage for the hotel staff, who knows the guests requirements and necessities and can have everything ready for the welcome.

  • Extra discount at local merchants. If the hotel is near local shops or restaurants and you have a very good relationship with them, it can set some discounts. The idea is to create an area coupon book so that guests spend their money on local shops and restaurants.

This is beneficial both for the traveler, who enriches themselves with the local atmosphere and also for the hotel, which sets relations with nearby establishments.

  • Provide amenities to guests with specific interests. Taking into account guest hobbies is a fantastic way to increase loyalty among them, since they will always remember the stay where they could have some fun related to their interests while traveling.

In this case, you can have a go at providing technology that caters for their interests. If your guests are interested in golf, you can build a golf simulator in their own bedroom.

Everything will depend on the type of guest you have. If these are really into art, it will be a great idea to hold some works of art throughout your hotel so that they can enjoy them.

There are some hotels that have art galleries in their lobbies to create outstanding experiences, as if guests were walking through an art gallery.

  • Use the turndown service to explain some local history to your guests. Especially, if the hotel is placed in a historical building or it is a boutique hotel, this service becomes more interesting and enriching to the visit of the guests.

It consists of leaving a simple card on the bed of the visitors explaining the history of the neighborhood or the hotel, so that they can appreciate the symbolic significance of their stay.

Also, you can use a simple card to recommend top five places to eat, to have some shopping or to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the visitors.

  • Replicate a similar-spa experience in the bedroom. This type of amenity is intended for those business travelers who have to go from one place to another and arrive stressed at the hotel.

The goal is to create a similar atmosphere to a spa: music, candles, and aromatics. You can add some smooth pillows and also scent diffusers. A massage option could be a foot massager or a neck massager. Business travelers would be grateful for these special amenities.

  • Kids equipment. If the hotel is intended to attract families, it is important to add some essential facilities to make parents stay easier. For example, the hotel can include strollers or car seats. These facilities become essential for those who want to make the most of their experience while traveling.

In the same way it was mentioned before about partnering with local restaurants and shops, a hotel can partner with baby equipment companies. Both win: the hotel and the company, since it becomes more well-known.

  • Pet friendliness. Nowadays, more and more people (mostly young people) own pets and have them as a part of their families. Apart from providing a pet bed and bowl, the hotel can stand out by serving dog treats or giving the guest a list of pet-friendly restaurants, or marks. Again, amenities are related to knowing your guest deeply.
  • Car services. Although travelers take for granted parking areas in hotels, they are not used to being offered cars with the personal touch of the hotel chain. In this case, cars must reflect the brand values. For example, if the hotel is related to luxury standards, the cars must reflect these standards.
  • In-room workout equipment and classes. Some travelers are really concerned about being fit and worried about eating unhealthy food and spend too many days without exercising. Because of this, there are more and more hotels which include in-room workout options. These can consist of a stationary bike, or workout videos. The clients will feel really amazed by the fact that the hotel cares about their health.

Special food amenities

These examples of amenities are related to food and drinks, but not when it comes to dinner. They are really original and will surprise travelers.

  • Delight your guest with a treat at turndown. This amenity is cheap to implement and it is a good detail for guests when arriving at the room. As in the preview cases, the hotel can partner with a chocolate or sweets shop to pamper the guest experience.
  • Welcome with a champagne bottle. A nice way to welcome guests and that, besides, it does not require to develop enormous changes on the hotel structure, is to give a welcome to guests with a bottle of champagne. And, if this welcome is accompanied by a butler or by a sommelier, this experience becomes more memorable.
  • Fresh fruit bowl. To make the most of this amenity, the hotel must not compose a fruit bowl of fruit found in a conventional supermarket that can be found anywhere. To personalize the experience, fruit must be characteristic of the place itself. The guests will appreciate the originality and uniqueness of the detail. In addition to this, to give the amenity a “more natural touch”, some flowers and rustic accessories can be added. Imagine the reviews hotels will get with these personalized details.

Hotel’s Amenities by travellers’ type

The amenities listed below are adressed to the type of traveler visiting the hotel. So, you can find many hotels and amenities oriented to a specific traveler. For that, the hotel’s amenities are determined by hotel type and traveler.

Maybe you will find in the next paragraphs amenities which have already been mentioned before, but, on this occasion, they are quoted paying attention to the type of traveler, not the amenity itself.

For business travellers

Business hotels are growing and are more common in the city center of major cities. These provide multiple ideal amenities for business travelers that need to be connected all the time, to hold meetings and also might include after-work functions.

Since business hotels are growing, these provide multiple ideal amenities and new types of hotel services for business travelers that need to be connected all the time. They are all those products or services that add warmth to the welcome of the guest. Surely you know them and even collect them, since they are all small utensils that we put at your disposal to facilitate your stay and make it more comfortable.

The products are varied and sometimes you find them distributed inside the room and more commonly, resting on the bed. They are products that you can take from home, but that we put at your disposal so you don’t have to worry about those little details.

Normally, a business hotel amenities examples are:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection.
  • Connectors for laptops and electronic devices.
  • Coworking spaces. Although the in-room office option is suitable for most travelers, there would be a good option as well to include coworking spaces for those business travelers who want to feel in a coffee-house atmosphere.
  • Ironing kit and laundry service ( with additional charge in some cases). As business travelers tend to be always elegant and make a good first impression in the events and meetings, this service is really accurate for this type of traveler.
  • The possibility of hiring rooms for meetings. This kind of facility is quite attractive for business travelers, since they do not have to move from the hotel in order to develop their own activities and also, they do not have to be concerned about renting places to hold a meeting. When someone is a business traveler, they need to save all possible time, so this option is a great time-saver.
  • Wellness zones. It is a good idea to offer massages to business travelers so that they get rid of stress and can chill out.
  • Rooftop terrace with views. Since these kinds of workers are forced into visiting a city but not for pleasant reasons, why not provide them with incredible views which will make their visit more pleasant?
  • Desks in rooms, which are really useful to work and progress while staying at the hotel, since it is a calm place and it is easy to concentrate on one task. This would make the stay appear to be an in-room office.

For vacations travellers

When you think about your perfect vacation, you imagine yourself being spoiled without thinking about anything, just relaxing.

Therefore, the amenities play an important role for a perfect holiday. In these times, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, restaurants for dinner and spa are not enough. For that reason, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts takes your vacation to another level offering unique amenities such as: refrigerator with drinks and daily refills, pillow menu, room service, discovered service, sauna included, themed restaurants and much more.

Also, for family traveller you can enjoy family amenities to improve your vacation such as: family room with family bathroom, baby cribs*, kids stay for free until 6 years, babysitters service (extra cost), kids club with activities and supervision all day, car no motorized for kids (extra cost) and more.

And don’t forget the hotel food amenities oriented to all families such as: kids menu and kids buffet, smart healthy snacks, cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, and amazing amenities (extra cost) with share in family.

For couple travelers

How many times have you thought about going on vacation with your partner and enjoying quality time together? At that moment the amenities for your romantic escape to paradise play an important role. Hundreds of hotels do not offer amenities suitable for couples, some just bathrobes, room service and welcome details.

Just look a little more, you can find hotels with rooms and amenities designed for couples, such as the Romance Rooms of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts. These rooms give that ideal touch to your vacation offering you high-end amenities and such as:

  • Romantic discovery in the room.
  • Continental breakfast in the room.
  • Romantic dinner on the beach.
  • Couples massage.

These amenities for couples really complement an unforgettable vacation. Now you just have to find the hotel that suits each of your needs.

As you can see, amenities for a hotel must be thought of taking into account guests interests and needs, and, to make the experience more unique and irreplaceable, it is recommended to know local habits. Also, amenities must be designed taking into account the type of traveler the hotel wants to attract. In summary: getting unforgettable guests amenities is about finding those ones that make the difference among other hotels.