Walking routes Basque Country

Walking routes Basque Country

There are plenty of hiking trails in Basque Country. The best thing about these Basque Country walks is that they consist of varying challenges and lengths as they wind through the state’s most epic landscapes. It does not matter whether you are into forested pathways, rugged coastal highways, soaring mountains, stunning journeys, or even foodie trials, the Basque Country has everything that hiking fanatics love.

The Northern Camino

If you are looking forward to finding the best routes to visit Basque Country for hiking purposes, consider going to the Northern Camino. Popularly known as the Camino de Santiago or The Way of St. James, this route primarily passes through a small section of the region before following the entire coastline at Camino del Norte. You will start at Irun and then take a walk along the France border and move to Arzua. Well, this is the route to take if you are after a memorable hiking expedition.

Northern camino

The San Sebastian Route

Walking in the Basque country has never been this fun and simple, thanks to the San Sebastian route. Here, you can decide to climb the Monte Igueldo, a place that contains superb views and fun, thanks to the appealing amusement park. It is recommended to take the oldest funicular in the country.

Another walking route you can opt for is Mount Urgull. You will find the Castillo de la Mota at the peak of the mountain. Presently, Casa de la Historia is home to military history, attacks, and sieges suffered by the city.

Routes near the Green Ring of Bilbao

It is worth mentioning the best route Bilbao has to offer. Well, Bilbao has plenty of walks in the city’s surroundings, mainly through the Green Ring.

You will undoubtedly love the routes this modern city provides. First, there is the Deusto – Monte Banderas route that gives you a chance to have a view of the last port crane. From the top of Monte Banderas, you will have a perfect view of Bilbao, the coastline, and the estuary of the river Nervión. Second, the Uribarri – Pikotamendi route comes with rest areas and quiet groves.

What’s more, there is the Otxarkoaga – Monte Abril route that is located between the forests surrounding Mount Abril and Etxebarria trees. Moreover, Bilbao is home to Begoña – Santo Domingo, a route that starts at Mine del Morro grounds and moves through the crowded neighborhood of tranquil Arabella and Santutxu before climbing to the skirts of Artxanda.

Walking in Bilbao has never been this mesmerizing, thanks to the Basque route of Ibaiondo to Arnotegi. Yes, the silence of the swamp of Bolintxu and the Arnotegi paths will make it pretty hard to believe Bilbao city is so close. Other walking routes in Bilbao include, Abando to Pagasarri, Errekalde to Arraiz and Basurtu to Kobetamendi via Zorroza.

Trekking in Euskadi

Trekking in Euskadi is one of the finest ways to learn more about the area’s scenic and cultural diversity. So, you can walk along the signposts labeled PR (short distance), SL (local path), or even GR (grand tour). For instance, you can take the GR 121 – Gipuzkoa that takes 21 stages to move around Gipuzkoa’s perimeter. The best thing about this route is that it contains a couple of natural, historical, cultural, and geological features, in addition to having a well-kept coastline.

Trekking in Euskadi

Where to Stay in Basque Country

Notably, Basque Country is relatively different compared to the rest of Spain. It has a varied topography, while the coastline is rocky in a remarkable manner. Additionally, the state’s cuisine and culture are different. So, here are the top places to stay if you happen to be on this side of the world.

Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao

Well, the Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao is one of the best places to stay while in Basque. The hotel is near the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, San Mamés Stadium, Concert Hall, and the Euskalduna Conference Centre. What’s more, it is only 14 km from the neighboring Bilbao Airport.

The hotel was inaugurated in 2021 and is located in front of Doña Casilda Park, in the center of Bilbao. It is very close to the Euskalduna Conference Center and the Guggenheim Museum. It is also located in Don Diego Lopez Haroko Kale Nagusia, known as La Gran Via.

Catalonia Donosti

The Catalonia Donosti hotel has got all the amenities you would like a hotel to offer. First, the hotel offers a continental breakfast each morning. Second, it is close to famous sights, such as the La Concha Promenade, Ondarreta Beach, and Victoria Eugenia Theatre. What’s more, this hotel is set in an iconic old century convent, giving it a historical and cultural charm.

The hotel is located on a natural viewpoint, on the San Bartolomé hill, in the center of San Sebastián.
The hotel is built on a former convent of the XVII and XVIII centuries, maintaining the north facade and the central body, and has an English-inspired decoration.