check-in in a hotel

What Does ‘Check-In’ Mean in a Hotel?

When you are a guest at a hotel, you must know some rules such as the room status codes, bout also you want to feel recognized, welcomed and, above all, enjoy quality services. So what does “check-in” mean in a hotel, what aspects should be taken into account when making a reservation? This article will help you better understand the hotel check-in process.

Meaning of ‘Check-In’

Check-in is the process of registering guests arriving at a hotel. It usually takes place at hotel reception. During this process, the receptionist checks the data, the hotel voucher if it is the case, and guests are assigned to a hotel room and give them a room key or access card. If they have luggage, they are taken to their room.

Aspects to Take into Account When Checking In

In order for the check-in process and experience to go smoothly, there are several things you need to keep in mind. As a guest, you need to have:

Government-issued ID Card or Passport

It is required for identification purposes. Most hotels have an age requirement for guests checking in. In some hotels, guests under 18 years of age are prohibited from booking a room, while in others it is 21 years of age.


Credit Card

For security reasons, most hotels require payment in advance before checking into a hotel. Guests may also use cash deposits for advance payments.

credit card check-in

In addition to your ID and credit/cash card, the receptionist also takes other things into account before finalizing the check-in process and handing you the keys to your room.

Time of Entry

This is one of the things a hotel receptionist takes into account when opening a guest’s account. When booking a hotel room online, indicating the arrival time helps the hotel prepare for your arrival and avoid awkward and unnecessary situations.

Time of Departure

The check-out date and time informs the receptionist of the time you will be staying at the hotel. This helps the hotel to calculate the hours or days of stay in your hotel for billing purposes.

Hotel Check-In Process

The check-in process may differ from one hotel to another. Generally, the check-in process at most Catalonia Hotels involves:

  • Guest arrival at the reception
    Registration and identification of the guest
    Room allocation and handling of keys or key card
    Taking note of the services offered and regulations of the hotel
    Opening of guest bill
    Assistance to carry luggage to the room in some of Catalonia’s higher-end hotels

Catalonia Hotels offer the best check-in and check-out experience, with excellent services from accommodation to a good catering service making guests have the best and most unforgettable experiences.