Clean and tidy hotel room ready for new guests

What are the room status codes of a hotel?

Information (rules and regulations) on hotel facilities is considered true and accurate. Therefore, it is recommended that you confirm when making a reservation and once booked, you need to follow them. Most hotels use status codes to ensure that everything within the facilities runs smoothly without interruption. With a clear understanding of the hotel status codes, you will have an easy time staying in any hotel.

A bed and a pair of cup of coffees in a hotel bedroom


OCC – Occupied

It is a room that has already been assigned to a guest who has already checked in the hotel. No one else can take that room before the current guest leaves.

Stay Over

The room is assigned to a certain guest and they are not leaving today; at least they have one more night. The management is well aware of the situation.


No one is currently in the room, but it is not yet clean and ready for another client. The room will be ready for resale when the management meets all conditions.

DND – Do Not Disturb

This means that the guest should not be disturbed in any way. This includes all forms of destruction, whether it is cleaning or room service.

Cleaning in progress

The room attendant or hotel employee is currently cleaning the room. No one (guests) will be allowed to enter the room before the cleaning process begins.


The room is under someone else’s name, but the bed is still unused. This means the guest has left the hotel without settling the accounts.


This means that the room assigned to a certain guest is not ready or available, but the guest has already arrived at the hotel. The guest will have to wait.


The guest has not made any plans to settle their account and has already left the hotel. The management will have to look for another way to find that guest and settle the accounts.

Vacant and ready

The room has gone through all the steps, cleaning and inspection, to prepare it for the next guest. The room is not assigned to anyone yet.

OOO – Out of Order

This means that the room cannot be occupied under any circumstance. The room may be out of order due to extensive cleaning, maintenance or refurbishing.

OOS – Out of Service

This shows that a certain room is under short-term maintenance. Once the issue (small issues) is resolved, guests can be assigned the room.

LO – Lockout

A guest who still has pending issues with the hotel, like they have not settled their account, will not re-enter the room until the clearance is done.

DNCO – Did not check out

The guest left the hotel without any notification, but he or she has made arrangements to settle the accounts. The management will have clear information on when and how the accounts will be settled.

DO – Due Out

The room should be vacant on the indicated date or the guest is supposed to leave on a particular date. This is to allow another guest to enter the room.

CO – Check Out

The guest has left the hotel in good faith (settled the accounts and returned the keys). The room is ready for another guest.

LC – Late Check out

The guest has made arrangements to vacate the room but requested (and allowed) the hotel management to leave at a later date.

EC – Early Check in

The guest has requested the hotel management to check in on a date earlier than the previously indicated date and time.

VC – vacant and clean

The room is vacant and cleaned by the housekeeping and is ready for the next guest. The room will have this status until another guest makes the reservation.

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