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What is a Hotel Voucher?

If you are used to travelling, you deal with a lot of words that you normally do not understand, for example, when you get a plane or choose an accomodation in another place. 

One of those unknown words that you may have not understood is the word “hotel voucher”, which is normal, since it is a very specific word belonging to travel vocabulary. 

What is a hotel Voucher

The answer to “what is a hotel voucher” is “a confirmation of room reservation in hotel.” It contains information such as the guest’s name, arrival date, duration of stay and the room reserved. Others might include the accommodation package and the type of service booked.

On most occasions, the hotel voucher is a printout of the online virtual booking, confirming payment or willingness to pay. However, the price and mode of payment are usually omitted from the voucher. With internet penetration everywhere in the world, getting hotel vouchers is easy, even if you are travelling from one country to another.

How to Get a Hotel Voucher

Go to your favorite hotel’s website and look for the “book a reservation” section. If you do not have a favorite hotel in mind, search for hotels online in your destination. Confirm if they have a hotel voucher as part of the reservation process.

Fill in your details; names as they appear of passport, age and country of origin. List every person you intend to go with; spouse and child(ren). Select from the list given the type of accommodation and enter your card details.

After payment, the system generates a hotel voucher, which acts as a receipt for services requested and the mode of reservation. It mostly comes in your email as a document or some as a text message.

However, before booking, confirm the facilities and the hotel type. Some hotels are adults-only, thereby prohibiting children under 16 years.

Advantages of a Hotel Voucher

  • Confirmation that you have booked the hotel. It is a binding affirmation between the hotel and the visitor, detailing the type of service, room number, name of the visitor and date of arrival. Some hotels even choose to chauffer their visitors from the airport to the hotel.
  • Reduces the cancellation rate – once you finish the reservation process and pay, everything is set for the journey. You cannot have alternative plans, which reduces the cancellation rate.
  • Avail funds to the hotel to prepare for your arrival – once the funds hit the hotel’s account, they hit the ground running to prepare everything when you check in. They make all the necessary preparations, especially if you require a special diet.
  • Vouchers help with budget holidays. You can plan for every outing or trip over a period of time. Once you pay for the hotel voucher, it gives you time to plan for other activities or places you need to go while on vacation.

Catalonia Hotels with Hotel Vouchers

This chain of hotels in Spain and Spanish territories provides the best hospitality to both international and local visitors. From the Spanish coast, down to the Canary Islands and far West to the Caribbean, visitors can book hotels and hospitality services online.

If you book early, you stand a chance of getting a good discount. The earlier you are, the better. And, what is most important, Most of the Catalonia Hotels have a Hotel Voucher system, such as Catalonia Punta Del Rey (Canary Islands) and Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, they all use the Hotel Voucher system to manage their visitors too.

Do you want to know more Catalonia hotels with this system implemented? If you feel attracted to the breeze of the sea and pristine waters, then your best choice is the Hotel Catalonia Ses Estaques (Ibiza). It is next to the sea and it has been designed for tourists to disconnect from the daily routine and just chill out and enjoy the island of Ibiza.

Photo showing Catalonia Ses Estaques swimming pool and jacuzzi.









If you are looking for suites, restaurantes, swimming pools in Caribe, then adults-only Catalonia Royal la Romana in Bayahibe is your best choice. Everything is designed so that  you can make the most of your holidays. It is a five-star-resort, located on one of the beautiful towns of Bayahibe.

Aereal view of Catalonia Bayahibe Resort with swimming pool


The Hotel Voucher system simplifies hospitality management, especially for hotels in the international tourism circuits. It helps coordinate bookings, facilities and food preferences. Hotels can begin preparing for the guest without the fear of cancellation. As for the visitors, the hotel voucher cements their resolve to visit the destinations and confirms their availability. In essence, it makes everyone within the ecosystem ready for business.