Things to do in Logroño

The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Logroño

Logroño is the capital of the Spanish wine region of La Rioja, and it’s located just a few minutes away from Logroño airport. His location allows to visit some of the main cities of the north of Spain. This city should be on your list of places to go to next time you travel to Spain for a tourism or business based trip. Here’s our take on what to do in Logroño.

Enjoy the food

Tapas logroño

Head to Calle Laurel for tapas in Logroño. The 50 or so bars on this street in Logroño’s downtown don’t just serve up a mixed menu of tapas – many of them specialise in just one particular tapa so you can bar hop as you eat, just like the locals. Tapas or pinchos here are served on a cocktail stick along with a small beer or glass of wine, and you’ll probably want one or two per bar before moving on to the next place.

Red, red wine

When in Rioja, you have to try some local wine. The designation of origin Rioja is probably the most famous in Spain, but Rioja wine is not just red. Refreshing white and rosé are also made here and pair brilliantly with seafood. To learn all about Rioja wines and to taste some of them as well, head to the region’s Rioja wineries. Our favourite is Bodegas Franco Españolas which has a five wine tasting available. Salud!

An 18th century museum

The Museo de la Rioja is located in an 18th century palace with exhibitions detailing the town’s and north Spanish regions´ history from pre-Roman era to the present day. The La Rioja museum is open every day except Monday and Christmas and it’s free entry.

Twin cathedral

The Co-Cathedral of Logroño, known as Catedral de Santa María de la Redonda was started in the 15th century and completed in the 18th century. It is known as a twin cathedral due to its two baroque towers.

Cross the bridge

Logroño's bridge

Take a walk across the Puente de Piedra which crosses the River Ebro, that flows through the town. Constructed in 1884 and also known as the San Juan de Ortega Bridge, it is one of the most famous symbols of this city located on the Camino de Santiago.

A walk in the park

A stroll around Logroño itself is always pleasant and the perfect way to burn off those tapas. Go to the Paseo and Parque del Espolón for greener spaces and a place to sit and watch the world go by. The best time to visit Logroño is from March to October for the warmer days.

Visit an old tobacco factory

The Sala Amós Salvador is Rioja´s cultural centure and is housed in a brightly coloured 14th-century tobacco factory, boasting airy open spaces and a changing calendar of exhibitions, concerts and performances, representing both international and Spanish culture.

Party time

Carnaval is big all over Spain and Logroño is no exception to the party rule. Held in February or March, it sees locals out in force, dancing and parading in the streets.

Fireworks and French sieges

The town‘s patron saint is celebrated at the Saint Bernabe festival on June 11th with wine, food, historical reenactments and fireworks. The French siege of 1521 saw 4,000 Spanish soldiers defeat 30,000 French ones whilst the townsfolk lived on fish from the River Ebro during the siege. Fish is traditionally eaten with Rioja wine during the celebrations.


Relax at the Catalonia Las Cañas Hotel, just five minutes from the town centre. With its own gym, restaurant and buffet breakfast, it is located in a shopping center with facilities such as a bowling alley and cinema. It is ideal for business stays and business meetings.

Double room in Catalonia las Cañas Hotel


As you can see, Logroño is a city full of opportunities and places where to have fun. Do not overthink and enjoy this place as much as you can.



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