The health and well-being of our guests is our top priority. Therefore, we have introduced additional guidelines and a protocol on cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing in order to guarantee the safety of our guests and of our staff. These guidelines are based on recommendations from health and hygiene experts, from healthcare authorities and from the World Health Organisation

We now deep clean and disinfect the whole resort more frequently, including hotel rooms, public spaces and staff areas

We monitor the health of our hotel and resort staff in order to guarantee the safety of our guests around-the-clock

The safety of our guests is our top priority.  We will respond to this constantly evolving situation by changing our course of action where required

We appreciate that some of the measures we take may have a direct impact on hotel and resort amenities our guests usually enjoy.  We thank you for your understanding and co-operation at this time – this is for everyone’s benefit


Cleaning & Safety Preventative Measures

At Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we have exceptionally high standards of cleaning and hygiene. We have reviewed our procedures and have increased the frequency and methods of disinfection in light of the current situation

Our hotel chain has a comprehensive programme of prevention protocols against COVID-19 checked and validated by health and hygiene certification bodies

We are implementing these procedures in all areas of the hotel and resort in order to reassure our guests that we are doing everything in our power to guarantee their safety at all times. Such measures will apply to:


Hotel rooms:

• Our laundry processing technique for bed linen and towels involves the chemical and thermal disinfection of all items 

• Housekeeping will remove used and soiled laundry in sealed bags to prevent the contamination of fresh and clean bed linen and clothing

All surfaces, items and furniture in the room and bathroom are cleaned with approved disinfectant products to safeguard your health

Disposable single-use items and/or microfibre cloths are used on a daily basis

• We deep clean our hotel rooms paying special attention to high-touch areas such as telephones, door handles and faucets. 

• We ensure the room is properly ventilated while being cleaned

We provide printouts with necessary information and implement QR codes for further details of our services and facilities

Our guests may opt out of the daily housekeeping service during their stay for a maximum of 4 nights

To ensure the proper implementation of these measures, we have established specific monitoring and verification controls.



• All items, devices, surfaces and fittings that our guests may come into contact with are cleaned thoroughly during the course of the day at regular intervals

All room keys are disinfected in order to be handed over safely

• Our guests may choose to have their luggage disinfected using the service we provide

Medical assistance is available in the hotel and resort if required

New items of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are available for our guests:

- Hand sanitiser

- Face masks*

*Subject to a possible additional charge

New social distancing and safety features include:

- Perspex screens on the front desk

- Distance markers between guests and reception staff

- A special collection box for room keys

• Guests will be informed of the preventative measures terms and conditions that they must accept

• Information available includes:

- Health and hygiene measures

- Digital information about hotel and resort services and timetables as well as other information of interest about the destination

Wherever necessary, we encourage our guests to check-in online to avoid having to wait upon arrival at the hotel or resort


Bars and Restaurants:

• The capacity of the theme restaurants is monitored using a pre-reservation service

Disponsable gloves and hand sanitiser are provided for food services in the buffet area to allow our gueststhe freedom to self-service. It is requested the use of face masks and gloves for self-service in the buffet area

• We thoroughly clean and disinfect tableware, cutlery and tablecloths

We constantly clean all surfaces and furniture with which our guests may come into contact

We have moved the furniture in the restaurant, bar and terrace areas to comply with social distancing guidelines


Other areas of the hotel or resort:

Some communal areas may have restricted access at present. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We must comply with the rules and regulations as set out by the relevant in order to safeguard the health of our guests and employees. Please follow these guidelines

Guests are advised to use the stairs. Only one person at a time may use the elevator, unless a distance of 2 metres / 6 feet is possible or you are with members of your own family

• Furniture in the communal areas of the hotel or resort (hall, restaurant, terrace) has been moved in order to maintain the recommended social distancing measures. You will find information about maximum capacity in specific areas of the hotel

Hand sanitiser can be found in many areas of the hotel or resort

• The maximum occupancy capacity in the swimming pool and beach areas must be adhered to - furniture and sun beds have been moved to comply with social distancing measures. Moreover, all the furniture in these areas will be disinfected on a daily basis

• The hotel Disco will remain temporarily closed. However, the hotel or resort will move some of their experiences outdoors and will propose entertainment alternatives that allow for strict safety, hygiene and social distancing measures to be adhered to at all times

• The hotel Casino is open during the hours indicated, applying the established security measures: physical distancing, use of face masks and hand sanitiser for use in all areas

• The Kids Club activities will take place in outdoor spaces with limited capacity

• GYM: available with limited capacity. Constant cleaning and disinfection service

• SPA: space available by appointment. A disinfection and cleaning service is provided after each use.

Additional services such as beauty treatments, massages and hairdressing, will be provided whilst maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. The service providers will use PPE personal protective clothing to ensure their safety and the safety of our customers. Materials and equipment used will be removed for sterilisation

• The maximum capacity of the hotel or resort shops will be limited and all tried-on garments will be subjected to a disinfection treatment using high temperature steam


Golf Clubs:

• There are specific instructions for the use of golf clubs to maintain hygiene standards – there are signs everywhere on the golf course with relevant information, indicating the particular safety and hygiene measures.

Carts can be occupied by a maximum of two people as long as they share the same room or are members of the same family

• All items of shared use such as carts, rental material and golf equipment will be disinfected to maintain hygiene standards



• Basic health prevention measures will be announced before the start of events

• The setting-ups arranged for all events are comply with social distancing measures - to ensure the safety of all participants

We avoid the exchange of printed material and make use of digital material instead

• You will have several options when you decide to enjoy a coffee break – our staff will assist in providing this service by making use of protective equipment


Commitment to our staff:

HYGIENE: Washing your hands is considered to be one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs and preventing the spread of COVID-19. We urge all our employees and advise our clients to frequently wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water. Hand sanitiser can be found in all work areas

PREVENTION: The hotel or resort staff are tested for Covid-19. In addition, their temperature is taken daily upon arrival at the hotel. All employees are using PPE based on their respective roles

TRAINING: All our employees have been trained in hygiene and safety relating to Covid-19

INFORMATION: Our Quality Management Team support the hotel or resort by providing the most efficient and advanced measures concerning hygiene and safety. All regulations issued by health experts and relevant organisations are strictly adhered to

EMPLOYEES’ AREA - BACK OFFICE: Hygiene and safety measures together with social distancing rules have also been strengthened in staff areas


We remind you:

Washing your hands is considered to be one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. There are disinfectant gels in the communal areas for regular use

• We require the use of masks in common areas, especially in closed spaces

• Please follow the local rules regarding the use of masks when leaving the hotel or resort

Please cover your mouth with your elbow or with disposable handkerchiefs if you cough or sneeze

Please respect social distancing rules in the hotel or resort by paying attention to special markings, protection screens and not moving the furniture 

Further information about guidelines on the prevention of Covid-19 is available at your hotel and resort